Music Party Cupcake Toppers

There’s no “topping” a good mixed tape. *grin* I made quite a few back in the day, and took them with me to many a birthday party sleepover as well. Nothing was more fun than putting together a selection of songs that you could gift to someone else, or play over and over.

This project is a throwback to that time of life, and celebrates a birthday party for a special someone who is going to see Taylor Swift in concert. I thought it would be fun to create a theme with that in mind, and this music theme idea was born.

The project is a simple one, especially if you’re an avid die cutter like me. I did check for you folks who prefer SVG or electronic files to see if my Cricut library had a cassette tape cut as well, and you absolutely could find several cassette tape options there. In fact, both glitter papers do beautifully in my machines as well.

I’m starting with a couple rectangles cut at 3.75″ by 2.25″ in Stardream Metallic Crystal. These will be the base of the cupcake topper. With my die cut I also cut alternating pieces of the cassette tape cuts in Mirrisparkle Gold Glitter, DCS Black Glitter, Stardream Metallic Crystal and Stardream Metallic Jupiter.

I’ve glued a paper straw to the middle of the Stardream Metallic Crystal rectangle, and also cut a second straw to hold up the sides of the image. You can also use foam tape – I didn’t have a size that was the same thickness, so the straw piece was perfect.

Next, glue the cassette pieces together, and then adhere this to the top of the straws on the rectangle. I’m using a standard tacky glue to make sure the pieces stay put.

I decided to add the age of the party recipient on the top, so these are cut with number die cuts in DCS Black Glitter and Mirrisparkle Gold Glitter paper. I then glued these on the base rectangle and let dry.

Decorating the cassette tapes with cute sayings was part of the fun! You could do a general birthday sentiment, or even a line from a song! What would you put on your cupcake toppers?

I hope you enjoyed this little project today – if you’ve ever wanted to try making cake toppers, this is a good first project because the concept is the same. “Mix” it up this next birthday and give this one a try!

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