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Poinsettia Gift Tags

Do you make your own gift tags for Christmas? This is a great opportunity to get creative on a smaller level. Thanks to beautiful Basis Red, Pop Tone Jelly Bean Green, Rubber Ducky Yellow color cardstock, cutting poinsettia petals, stamen and leaves are easy to …


Tag! You’re It!

Have you started gift wrapping yet? CutCardstock has the most beautiful metallic cardstock available, and it’s just perfect for making your holiday gift tags! Birgit here with you today with some festive holiday gift tags. Here’s a peek at the Stardream Metallic cardstock colors I …


Gnome Gift Tags

Do you ‘gnome’ how gnomes got to be so popular? Maybe it’s the adorable faces, or the fact they make great puns! If you enjoy collecting these cuties, you will love this easy gift tag project. You can make them for all seasons and I …