Snowman Shaker Tag

One of the “coolest” (pun intended) projects in paper crafting is the shaker elements that people add to their projects. Usually, in order to make a shaker, you need to buy a die-cut kit to do it. BUT…I’m going to show you a simple way to take an easy shape and turn it into a snowman shaker tag!

This die cut is a snowman die, but his belly looked like a great opportunity to make a shaker! I usually look for shapes like circles or squares in my dies to do this with – this makes shaker assembly easier. Here’s what you need to assemble:

  1. CutCardStock Paper (I recommend the shimmery Stardream Metallics!)
  2. Foam sheets (adhesive is helpful, if you can)
  3. Acetate paper
  4. Dies with simple shapes that are “nesting” – sit inside each other
  5. Bling! (Like sequins, beads, or tiny buttons)

I’ve chosen the gorgeous Stardream Metallic Pluto White for the snowman body, and Stardream Metallic Aquamarine for his hat, gloves, and scarf.

You will cut 2 pieces – one as it is for the base of the shaker. The 2nd piece will have an additional circle placed on the inside of his belly to cut out the middle.

Next, you will take the die-cut and cut 2 pieces of foam in the same way. These will become the shaker “walls” to hold in the embellishments. My foam was not adhesive, so I glued the 2 layers of foam together, then attached it to the base snowman cut.

From here, you will fill the cavity with assorted bling, making sure to choose items that are not taller than the walls. I have also cut a piece of acetate paper with the bottom section of the snowman so that it’s larger to place on top. I recommend using clear glue so you don’t have a cloudy edge. Tip: if you have static, rub lightly with a dryer sheet prior to filling.

Your final piece is the 2nd snowman piece, laid over the shaker edge – this will cover your foam nicely. Then I’ve added the details of the Stardream Metallic Aquamarine hat, scarf, and gloves and also cut some coordinating pieces for the nose and scarf in a pearlized pink paper. My color is discontinued, but the Pearlized Strawberry Cream Pink is a beautiful choice.

The details on the face are drawn on with a black and white gel pen. I also glued a small piece of twine on the back to create a tag for a Christmas gift.

What other die cuts would you want to make into a shaker? And what gorgeous CutCardStock metallic papers will you choose? Check out the discounts on the paper this month and let me know what you end up making with those choices! Thanks for stopping by!

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      1. For the belly, you could use the round metal container from Dollar Tree.

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