Hello, my friends! Hannah here, from Fanciful Spaces! Have I told you that I LOVE Valentine’s Day? I do, it is probably my most favorite “holiday.” I just love the decorations of the season.

Let me tell you another secret, mid-winter and after Christmas is an EXCELLENT time for finding items to decorate with inexpensively.

  1. Christmas holiday decorations are on clearance in many stores, many of these items can be altered slightly to fit holidays outside of the Christmas season.
  2. If you like more natural decorations, branches are EVERYWHERE in many neighborhoods and parks. These items are easily altered to be as festive as you want!

In this case, I had planned to find some branches at a nearby park; however, I discovered some glittered branches at a local big box store at an 80% off discount as they were intended to be holiday decorations!

Initially, I was going to go with a rustic-chic look, but once I saw these glittery branches, I went with fancy and black-tie.

The vase for my branches is simply mason jars, which I dressed up using a strip of black card stock altered with a stripe of score tape that was glittered up. It is just a simple way to disguise the inside of the jar, which I had stuffed with a fabric I had floating around. The fabric was used to keep my branches as vertical as possible; marbles and stones would also work, but I didn’t have any on hand.

The final step in this easy home decor project was to cut hearts out of some pink Astrobright paper and hot glue them to my branches. So easy – it took less than an hour for this project from start to finish.

I have a little nook in my apartment, where we like to decorate with holiday decorations and knick-knacks. These branches are sure to brighten up that nook; you can see them here with the garland I shared the other week and some paintings my daughter and I made.

The supplies for this project are few and inexpensive:

Had I gone with plain, non-decorated, branches I probably would have used twine or burlap around the mason jars. There really is no end to how you can alter this project to suit your own personal desires!

Thank you so much for stopping by! It is my sincerest desire that I’ve inspired you today!