Hello, my friends! It is Hannah here from Fanciful Spaces!

Whew, Christmas and the New Year are over, and we’re getting ready for a whole new and exciting year! I’m already over here, at my home, decorating for Valentine’s. I’ve recently fallen in love with the holiday, and I can’t get enough of those pink and red decorations!

The project I created today does not disappoint! This XO XO garland whips up in a flash; you can be as varied and detailed as you want, but if you go simple, it will still please excessively!

I took several different papers, some being Astrobright and others being the Pop-Tone card stocks, and I die cut a bunch of Xs, Os, and hearts.

Next, I adhered two together, so that they were double-sided with different colors on each side. I made sure that the string I was using (1 strand of silver embroidery floss) ran through the center and was stuck down with my adhesive tape.

The key to making sure this looked good was making sure everything was spaced evenly, this was easily achieved by using a quilting ruler!

To jazz this project up, I took some Tonic Pure Sheen red gemstone hearts and glued them together, just like the letters.

This would be such a fun project to do for an office space, you could swag it around your cubicle or decorate your plant, as I did here!

The best part of making it double-sided is if there is a breeze blowing through and the letters twirl, you’ll always see a fun fluttering of color!

This project was easily put together by using:

That’s it! Super easy peasy! Thank you so much for stopping by! Don’t forget that Astrobright Paper is on sale this month at CutCardstock!