Flowers for Spring

Good morning, Sharon here! What’s the weather like where you are? We have some craziness going on with snow, storms and sunshine. The flowers that are starting to peek out are getting a battering so I below you will see some paper ones I use to decorate the wall in my craft room.

Aren’t they pretty? I use Pop-one Cardstock for them. This is thick enough to keep a shape but thin enough to shape without tearing. Using a Silhouette cut file I cut all the parts to make 3 flowers.

The largest flower is cut from Lemon Drop, Middle one is Orange Fizz and back to Lemon Drop for the smallest one. The leaves are cut from Gum Drop Green and the centers from Black Licorice.

The colors are a little flat so inking the petals gives them dimension. Pop-Tone takes Distress Ink well So I used Dried Marigold on the yellow flowers.

As long as the ink blends well it give an ombre effect to the petals. Abandoned Coral may seem a bright color but works well on the orange flower.

The Gum Drop Green takes Mowed Lawn well. again giving a lift to the edges of the leaves.

Now comes shaping the flowers. I have an extra large ball tool that is great for the largest flower. Working from the base of the petals out in circular motions encourages the fibers of the card to stretch curling the petal edges.

There are 6 layers to the each flower so I follow this process for each one. Leaves have veins a scoring tool gives the effect of these along with the ball tool for shaping.

Now to construct the flowers. I use hot glue for this as it holds quickly.

You can see on the photo above how the ink blending has shaded the flowers and shaping them gives them a more realistic look.

The flowers are easy to put together, starting with the largest petal group and working to the smallest I stagger them so the petals are all separated and then I just glue each layer in place.

Now the petals are in place the stamens need adding. Shaping them with a ball tool to make them lift they are then glued in place – again staggered to give them the look of fullness.

Using a pencil I curl the leaves length ways around it so the shape around the outer of the flower. Gluing them in place on the underside of the flower.

I construct all three flowers this way and because I use hot glue they stick instantly.

This is my favorite, The ink really lifts the color of the orange cardstock.

To finish I add a black iridescent pearl to the center of each flower.

They look so pretty again the lavender of my craft room wall.

Have you made home decor before? If so It would be great for you to share with us.

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