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Scarecrow Snacks

What is your favorite Fall or Halloween icon? I love the scarecrow image, because it reminds me of a time when I went trick-or-treating as a young girl. We had a neighbor dress up like a scarecrow and hand out candy. Of course, I won’t mention that it took me a minute to figure out she was real, ha ha!

This treat bag is a way to revive that memory, and I love to look for easy projects I can do if I need to make several at one time. The assembly is no more than 5 minutes. Picking out a yummy treat to go with it might actually take you more time!

You’ll start with an 8.5″ by 11″ of the Natural Twine Kraft card stock, and cut it in half the long way, at 4.25″. Next, you’ll take a scoring tool and score the paper at 5″ and 6″ on the long side. Note: make this wider if your treats are heavy, so your scarecrow stands up properly.

The additional cuts indicated below are for one scarecrow, so repeat as many times as you need. I mention blue throughout the instructions, but you can swap out any color for this. Also, the paper I used is discontinued; however, the blue mentioned below is a comparable color. Additional cuts you will make are as follows:

The piece of Gingersnap Brown will be trimmed on both of the long sides with a shredding scissors. If you don’t have this tool, simply make several short cuts along the edge. Then, crinkle the cuts up by hand to create the look of hay.

I then applied the piece of Astrobright Lunar Blue to the top of the Natural Twine card stock with some glue. Next, I laid the strip of Gingersnap Brown over it, and also adhered it.

With the smaller strip of Astrobright Lunar Blue, I added foam tape to the back so it will sit up higher over the scarecrow’s hair, and applied it down the middle of that strip. This becomes the brim of the hat.

Take the Pop Tone Black Licorice ovals and highlight them with a white gel pen. I’ve also added black marker stitches down the middle of the scarecrow’s face, drawn a smile and added a few stitches to the nose and mouth. The cheeks are highlighted with either a red or yellow ink on a sponge, and edges are dusted with black ink.

Now that the scarecrow is complete, it’s time to add the treats! I’m using a sleeve protector from a craft store, but a small lunch baggie will work also. Seal up your treat and either glue or staple the treat at the top, folding the scarecrow around it.

You won’t need to dread making a bunch of treats from scratch for school functions or go broke for any upcoming party or festival. This project will be a great gift for Autumn and the hit of any event!

This month, the orange, gold and brown card stock is on sale, so head on over to CutCardStock.com to check out the deals! If you were inspired by this project, I hope you’ll come find me out on Instagram for more ideas at @alittlemocrafty. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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