How do you dress up a plain grocery store cake? Make a cute cake topper! Well, I’m not sure if you consider this a cute topper, but it certainly celebrates the 30 year old!

This was a simple and quick cake topper project that was created using Cricut Design Space, the Cricut and Black, Textured Wedding Cake White and Lustre Curious Metallic papers.

Using a monochromatic color scheme was ideal for the “death” theme. The skull balloon was selected as the main image to add a little whimsy – no need for a morbid celebration. It is a birthday after all!

After cutting out the pieces, a pair of tweezers and liquid adhesive were necessary to adhere each letter to the base.

The key thing to making cake toppers is layers. Using the overlay option in Cricut Design Space not only gives the image and/or words a base to sit on, it also makes it easier to add 3D foam adhesive since the base is solid.

Can you see all the layers? I use wooden coffee stir sticks to insert the topper into the cake. They are glued in as well as taped in between the black cardstock and the larger Textured Wedding Cake white cardstock. This makes a cleaner back view.

Like I said, quick and easy! Will you be making a cake topper soon? I hope this encourages you to use your imagination and create one of your own! Every project does not necessarily need to be overcomplicated! This topper took less than an hour to create & put together.

Written by

Dorlene Durham

Hi there! Iā€™m a mother of four young adults, two granddaughters and a dog, Gracie. We are an active family that love to create memories which gives me more things to scrapbook! It's win - win! You can see more of my creations on my blog Crafts in the Command Center, IG @3sons_and_astar or YouTube Channel Dorlene Durham.