Coffee Brings Me Joy

My favorite moments in the holidays are sitting by a fire and a lit up Christmas tree and drinking some peppermint coffee. It seemed only fitting that I would recreate that in a decorative banner for the holidays!

This coffee-inspired banner will be the perfect addition to my little coffee nook at home. Doesn’t it look like a professional barista moment? Ha! I got the idea from a coffee mug I recently bought, and thought I could recreate the peppermint stripes with the great color options at CutCardStock!

Here is a video on how this project comes together – take a look at how quick and simple it is:

Your supply list for this project includes PopTone Gumdrop Green, DCS Black Glitter, PopTone Wild Cherry, Basis Soft Pink and Curious Metallic White Silver. You will also need twine, some die cuts or a cutting machine, glue and a hole punch.

I really focus on die cut and paper piecing projects because the dynamic of the shapes are fun and colorful, especially when paired with the CutCardStock papers. To give the pieces extra dimension, my go to technique is to dust the edges with Distress inks. I used a white and a red for this project.

Another option for this project would be to create several cups and add a paper pocket on the back. I could envision this also being an advent calendar for a friend or family member. You could add small treats or gift cards on the back!

I’ve made paper banners before with various CutCardStock papers and they really hold up well over the years. I store mine in a plastic envelope to prevent getting bent until it’s time to get it out next year.

What will you create? I’d love to hear from you below, and would appreciate your ideas! Don’t forget to check out all the deals on red, green and white papers on the website. Thanks for joining me today – feel free to add this to Pinterest if you so choose, and see you next time!

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