Stay Crafty, My Friends!

If friends were Flowers, I would Pick YOU!! Howdy, Friends! Misty here with you on the blog today!
It is the middle of June and it is crazy HOT here in Texas, so going outside to plant or even to LOOK at pretty flowers is completely off the table for me. I am the epitome of a wimp! I like air conditioning! Not to mention the INSANE prices at the gas pumps! Holy Moly! It would cost me a small fortune to crank my truck to go buy flowers! Therefore, I created my own little flower garden on my layout.
I chose an array of Pop Tone Cardstock colors for the paper flowers, and I used my Cricut Maker to help make them “come to life”. This layout featuring my daughter and her friends makes me feel cheerful and happy on the inside every time I look at it! What’s even better, I don’t have to endure the scorching Texas heat to enjoy it!

Lots of Colors!

I don’t know about you, but if I am going to create a flower garden, I am going to go ALL OUT and have lots of vibrant colors to look at! The Pop-Tone Assortment Pack in the Cut Cardstock Store was perfect! It provided all the colors you see below, as well as so many more!

Cutting it All Out

I knew that I wanted to created a colorful garden, but not spend a lot of time doing it. Therefore, I decided to divide my cuts into quadrants. I made leaves and rolled flowers, as well as vines and layered flowers. By keeping my pieces within a 6×6 square, I was able to make cuts using 4 different colors. Below I have shared a view of my screen as well as a photo of how I prepared my mat.

By the time I had finished, I had several pretty flowers an a variety of leaves to use. After inking the edges and assembling the layers, I was ready to assemble my garden. Of course, every garden needs a few butterflies in it! I decided to use a few pieces from the 49 and Market Spectrum Sorbet Collection. The colors in that collection match so perfectly with the Pop-Tones!

Preparing the Foundation

Before you plant a garden, you have to prepare the foundation. For my garden, I only needed to prepare my background paper. I used the Stardream Metallic Onyx Black 12×12 for the base of my layout, and medium white gesso for the texture. With a splattering of sequins and some splats of paint, my surface was ready for flowers.

Assembling My Garden

Now it is time to “plant” all those beautiful flowers! I placed my framed photos in the center of the layout, and then began placing the flowers. I moved them around until I found the perfect arrangement. You know…the arrangement that made me smile the moment I placed that last flower! I love the sparkle of the Stardream cardstock, and it certainly made all the colors POP! The vibrant garden on the black background was exactly the look that I was hoping for. It was almost as stunning as the three beauties in the photos!

Stay Crafty My Friends!

Creating a beautiful garden does not have to be hard work! You don’t have to exert a lot of energy, and you certainly don’t have to sweat! All you have to do is go shopping in the CutCardstock Store, and get crafty! This Texas Mama knows the value of air conditioning, a tall glass of iced tea, and some quality cardstock on a hot summer day! With the rising Texas temperatures mixed with the rising price of gas, I don’t want to walk out of my front door if I don’t have to! Cut Cardstock helps me to stay crafty while enjoying the comforts of my AC, and I save the money that I am not spending on gas to buy more crafting supplies! WIN WIN!!
So, get you a tall glass of something cold, go shopping in the CutCardstock Store, and STAY CRAFTY, MY FRIENDS!

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