Mailbox Folding Card

Hello! I have seen many pop-up folded cards and have always thought they would be difficult to create. But, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give this mailbox folding card a try. Guess what? They are super easy, and although I’ve only made one, I see many, many more in my future. How about you? Have you tried to make one?

There is a bit of a twist to creating this one, though; it was designed to use 12×12 cardstock/paper, but I am going to share with y’all some tips to modify using 8x5x11 cardstock without shrinking the cut file.

Building the Card

To begin, select your cut file. This one is from SVGcuts. The directions are printable, and there is a video showing how to assemble, so I will not go into every step or detail here. Each part of the file is divided into sections, which allow for easy printing of both cardstock and patterned papers.

I used the following cardstocks from the CutCardStock store to create this project: Astrobright Re-Entry Red Card Stock, Pop-Tone Bubblegum, and Classic Crest Cardstock Bright White.

Following the suggested colors on the cut file section, cut each section. To create the mailbox’s main body, cut two bases using the Re-Entry Red Card Stock moving the main body in the area to adjust. Here is an image of this:

Notice how one side is cut off, and then on the other base, another side is cut off. I normally would just move the image to cut only the part I wanted to duplicate. However, I opted to print to full-size versions to make it easier to show this. Carefully cut the part with the hearts on it along the scoreline and discard the remaining piece. Adhere to the section you want to cover. I selected this piece because it is on the backside. It is barely noticeable when it is adhered, so any part could be used, but using a back piece makes it less likely to see any defects. The following image demonstrates this, although I had not adhered it yet.

Next, adhere all the pieces to the base, fold, and complete the card based upon the cut file’s instructions.

There is an envelope included as well, which I also adapted to work with the 8.5×11 Card Stock.

Making the Envelope

Cut the main piece and smaller sides using the Astrobright Re-Entry Red Card Stock, and then cut two of the larger flaps using the Pop-Tone Bubblegum Card Stock.

Carefully trim the edges where the folds will go with a paper trimmer to 1/8″ on each piece. Then carefully adhere, wrapping the pink edge to the outside edge.

Duplicate on the other side. When dry, fold. The card fits perfectly inside and is ready for gifting.

There you have it! Don’t let not having the perfect color of large enough cardstock stop you from creating this gorgeous mailbox folding card!

Be sure to check out the Cut Card Stock store for great deals on Astrobright Card Stock and others.

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