Glitzy Fringe Gift Tags

As I was working on the paper tassel project, I immediately knew what my next project would be… DIY gift tags with glitzy fringe! What a neat and eye-catching way to make your gift wrapping sparkle with these easy-to-make gift tags!

The 2in x 4in blank grommet gift tags are the perfect base piece. First, cut 1in x 2.25in strips of cardstock of your color choice. For my project, I used Silver Mirrisparkle glitter cardstock, Silver foil card stock, Pop-Tone cardstock in Razzleberry, and leftover cardstock in light pink and teal. 

With scissors, simply fringe cut, leaving enough space across the top for gluing later. 

Then, add a thin strip of Tombow Mini Liquid Glue across the top and secure each fringe strip to the blank gift tag. 

Since the fringe strips are slightly wider than the width of the gift tag, trim the excess cardstock.

Lastly, add a ribbon and lift some of the fringes with your finger to give it some dimension and visual interest. 

Isn’t it so pretty? If you ever find yourself in a pinch and don’t have cute wrapping paper, fret not! Grab a pair of scissors and some leftover scraps of cardstock, and you can make a stunning fringe gift tag that will elevate the look of your gift! Save this easy DIY project to your Pinterest boards!

Christine (@studio_xtine)

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