Autumn Wall Art

Hello Friends, and Happy Monday! Misty (@Mommyofkidz) here with you today to share a bit of autumn goodness. While it is still almost 100 degrees down here in Texas, my heart is longing for cooler weather and all the beauty that autumn brings. When I visited Michigan last September, the leaves were already starting to change and the colors were spectacular! The oranges, golds, purples, teals, yellows, and reds were just beautiful, and something we don’t really see much down here in Texas. Since there are technically only two seasons down here- green or brown- I decided I would create the autumnal beauty myself! With the help of my handy dandy CutCardStock beauties, I was able to do just that!

Harvesting the Beauty

First, I had to decide what colors I would want to bring into my project. While I wanted them ALL, I need to pare it down some. Hence, I decided to focus on the orange, gold and brown with just a few splashes of red. That worked out great for me, because guess what is on sale right now in the CutCardStock Monthly Specials section! I gathered my harvest of cardstock and got to work. The Stardream Metallics were just perfect to capture the essence of Autumn and bring it into my home!
DCS Vanilla Bean Brown
DCS Gold Glitter Heavy Weight
Stardream Metallic BRONZE
Stardream Metallic FLAME
Stardream Metallic GOLD
Stardream Metallic COPPER
Stardream Metallic SATURN
Stardream Metallic MARS
KRAFT CHIPBOARD .022 (I used this for the backing to stabilize and stiffen the final project for hanging)

Hey There, Pumpkin!

To begin, I fired up the trusty old Cricut Maker and began cutting my pumpkins and leaves. Since I knew that I wanted a versatile project that could go on my door or wall, I knew that I was not going to add a greeting to it. I decided to do a stacked pumpkin project-and it was going to be pretty large. As you know, Everything is big in Texas! I used the DCS Vanilla Bean Brown to cut my Large Pumpkin svg file three times in different sizes. After cutting the file in brown, I used the DCS Gold Glitter Heavy Weight as an offset for the pumpkins to add that SHINE! Next, I used an assortment of pre-distressed papers from Mintay to back each pumpkin in orange, teal, and white.

Pumpkin Patch

Once the pumpkins were cut in the 3 sizes and the pile of leaves were ready to go, I started assembling it all.
Did I mention that EVERYTHING IS BIG in Texas? Well, with the three sizes of pumpkins being 11, 9 and 7 inches, can you guess how tall this beauty actually is in real life? OMG I was in LOVE!!! Since there is overlap of each pumpkin, it measures right at 22 inches in total. Once I decided how much overlap I would want, I began gluing everything together. Hot glue works wonders, y’all! In addition to the leaves, I decided that I wanted to add a bit more flare. Flowers were not going to work for me this time-I wanted something different. Therefore, I dug through my stash and came out with a handful of gorgeous ribbons. These were just PERFECT to add that extra diminsion! After choosing the perfect assortment, I made three bundles.

Finishing It Up

Once The ribbons were cut and the leaves were added, It was time to finish it up. It needed some stability if I wanted to hang this beauty. Therefore, I grabbed my KRAFT CHIPBOARD .022 and backed the entire project, overlapping an layering the pieces for support. Finally, my Pumpkin Patch was Perfectly Pieced together! I am so in love with the results…now I just have to figure out where to hang it!
Thank you all for stopping by to visit us today! We all hope that our projects give you some inspiration or stir some ideas for your crafting projects. If you want to get started on your own Autumn Masterpiece, head on over to the CutCardstock Store and start filling your basket with beauties!

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