Glitter cardstock adds a beautiful elegance to any wedding project! Today, I want to share with you how I made this little gift bag and matching card that will stand out on any wedding gift table. This bag is perfect for a small gift such as jewelry or even a gift card! The glitter and sparkle helps set off this beautiful gift set.

This elegant little gift bag and matching card are perfect for any wedding. You can customize colors to match any bride’s theme! Cutcardstock has a gorgeous selection of glitter cardstock, and if you can’t find the perfect color, you can use alcohol markers to color it! I used a green Copic marker to color the leaves for the flower on the bag.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut a small gift bag out of CutCardstock’s heavyweight vellum. This is the perfect base to use for 3-D projects. The cut this, I used the following settings: Depth 9, Speed 1, Force 33, 2 passes.

The files from the Silhouette Design Store use perforations for fold lines. I deleted the perforated lines and instead made scores manually on my scoreboard after the bag was cut out. I think this makes for a nicer look to the finished project. Make sure you score this vellum very well, it is actually not intended for scoring and folding due to its thickness, but I have found if you score it well, it folds. You may have a little cracking, but I used my teflon bone folder along the edges and that helped smooth it out.

Once I had it all scored, and the folds creased, I used Score-Tape on all the places that needed adhered together.

Once I had the bag put together, it was time for the fun part! I found a swirly background on my Silhouette and sized it to fit perfectly on the front of the gift bag. I cut this out of the Silver Glitter Non-shedding cardstock and it was perfect! This cardstock cuts beautifully! I had no issues cutting it with my Silhouette Cameo (using the pre-made settings for glitter cardstock) and absolutely no glitter comes off! It has a gorgeous sparkle!

I used a fine tip glue bottle to apply small dots of adhesive onto the background and then put it onto the vellum bag. To help really adhere it down, I turned the front of the bag down onto my work surface and pressed from the inside of the bag to get a good seal. It can also help to use a bone folder for this part.

Next I cut out some 3-D flowers from the Violette Curious Metallic Cardstock.

You can just adhere the pieces of the flower together, but shaping them first helps add extra dimension and interest. I used a flower shaping tool (anything with a round end will work) and worked on a soft padded surface. I started from the middle of the flower and using pressure in small circles rubbed the tool all over the surface of each flower petal. This helps break down the fibers of the cardstock and make it more pliable so it can be shaped. They will naturally curl up like this as you are working and it makes the flower so beautiful when put together!

Once shaped, I used liquid glue to put the flower together, making sure to offset the petals with the layer below it.

I used the silver cardstock to cut out the center of the flower and put a rhinestone on top of that for the middle.

I cut out the leaves from the silver glitterstock, and used a green Copic marker to color them. I did not have a green glitter Cardstock to use for this, but if you have alcohol markers, you can make any color glitter cardstock that you want from the silver! I used the chisel nib end for this so I didn’t damage the delicate brush tip.

And guess what else?! Hot foil works great on this metallic cardstock! I used my hot foil machine with silver foil for the sentiment on the front of the gift bag and purple and green foil for the flowers on the card.

For a little bonus card, I cut out a piece of the heavyweight vellum that was 6″ x 3″ and scored at 3″ – this made a little square card that can be tucked perfectly into the back of the bag. The vellum takes foil beautifully as well. I used the silver foil for this dotted circle frame on the front of the card. When I am hot foiling something directly onto my project I like to tape it down so I know it will stay where I want it.

For this, I put the hot foil die face down on my project where I wanted it, and put a piece of tape just on the top, to create a little hinge. From there, you can slide in a piece of the foil, pretty side up under the die. When putting this onto your hot foil machine, you will want to put it with the die down right on the hot foil platform.

I hope you enjoyed our project today! I would love to see what you all create with the gorgeous, beautiful, sparkly Glitter Cardstock! Tag me on instagram: Purple Puppy Papercrafting

Written by

Jessica V

Jessica started her papercrafting journey about 20 years ago when introduced to stamping by her aunt. Since then, it has become a passion of hers, and she loves creating all different types of papercrafting projects. She loves die cutting as well as using her Silhouette Cameo to personalize handcrafted items for friends and family. You can find her on social media @purple_puppy_papercrafting