Christmas Crackers with Linda McClain

Hey everyone. It’s me again with a really fun and simple project for your holiday dinners – Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

Every year I buy Christmas Crackers (also called Poppers or Bon-Bons) for our Christmas dinner. And, nearly every year I wish I could make them myself so I could fill them with personalized or at least nicer trinkets than are usually in the store bought Crackers.

This year I finally did it. And, wait ’til you see what I put in them.

But first . . here’s how you can make these little cuties.

  1. I found an SVG cut file here for this candy-shaped Cracker. I also found a free one here for the more traditional, longer Cracker.
  2. Mary has a great tutorial on how to assemble the Crackers about two-thirds through the video here, so I won’t repeat her instructions. I reduced the size just a tad to fit the pattern onto 8-1/2 inch by 11 inch paper. The finished, assembled size is 6 inches long by 2-1/2 inches wide.
  3. Cut out the cracker shape from red and green paper – on sale now.
  4. Glue some strips of patterned paper or other embellishments to the card stock before assembling the Crackers. I cut strips from Teresa Collins Santa’s List paper and glued them to the middle and ends of the card stock.
  5. Assemble the crackers following Mary’s instructions.
  6. Securely tie a 10 of 12 inch length of ribbon onto the gather of the cracker using a double knot or bow. Tie tinsel or rick rack to your bow for more fun. 
  7. Insert your gifts into the other end and securely tie it with another 10 to 12 inch length of ribbon.

The chamber of these little guys is about 2-1/2 inches long and wide. I thought it would be fun to think about all the different things you can put in them when you can make them yourself. So, here’s my little list.

  • paper crowns;
  • Cracker snaps;
  • party horns or noise makers;
  • charms or other jewelry;
  • wrapped chocolates or truffles;
  • gift certificates;
  • tickets to a movie, concert or sporting event;
  • lip gloss or nail polish; 
  • sample size perfume or lotion;
  • jokes or fortunes; and
  • money!

And, for more ideas, just walk down the isle of party favors in the party or dollar stores.

It really is crackers – what I put in my Crackers. But, that’s the fun of making your own. We just welcomed a nine week old Golden Retriever puppy to our family this weekend. Hopefully little Olive will be old enough at Christmas for these little Christmas-cookie doggie biscuits, and, of course, we’ll have to open the Crackers for her. Supplies (doggie biscuits not included):

Shew – It’s been a crazy three-day weekend for our household, so I’m running a little behind. But, come say hi to me at Catered Crop where I promise we’ll have some adorable pictures of little Olive later this week.

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