Simple Birthday Party Ensemble

Hello there! It’s Kristie here, and I’m back with you for a New Year! It’s always the same… the New Year shows up and everyone gasps and says, “I can’t believe it! How is it a new year!?” But that’s always what happens because life really does move fast! And since life moves fast here at the Larsen home, we are celebrating (again!) two birthdays this month so I wanted to share some birthday fun with you for my post today. Here is my birthday party ensemble that I will be using very soon!

Today I am using Brown Bag Kraft Cardstock. It’s a darker kraft color and 65lb, so it’s easy to work with.  I used it for my Happy Birthday Banner and party favour gable boxes. When I am making up something like this, I always do ALL my die cutting first. I started with my banner:

I die cut some of these pinking circles. They were tough to get out of the die cut so I used a Glue Line to help pull them out. Leave the glue line attached to the plastic film and tug just a bit. It pops right out!

I also used the Rice Origami papers to die cut some cute little mini banner flags for in-between my big banner pieces. I wanted some pops of colours and I LOVE these patterns. Also, the origami paper is nice and thin so it doesn’t weigh down my banner when I tape it to the wall. I always have trouble keeping my banners up using washi tape. This banner stays nice and light thanks to the kind of paper I used.

Here’s a little close up of how I put the banner together. I used the Brown Bag card stock,  Basis White and a dark blue from Flavors Gourmet for my letters.

I had a ton of mini flags that I cut out so I used some with my pinking circles for some tags to tie onto my gable boxes for party favours. These come to gather real fast because it doesn’t matter if they look a bit haphazard. It’s part of their charm!

These gable boxes cut out nicely with one sheet of Brown Bag Kraft card stock and assemble fast with Glue Lines.

I also made up some really cute paper tassels to add to the ends of my banner. Let me show you in a few quick steps so you can do it yourself. First I started with strips of paper that were 1 inch tall and 4.25 inches wide. I used my Martha Stewart fringe scissors to cut my tassel leaving a 1/8 inch along the top to keep the fringe together. I added a Glue Line to one end and glued a length of twine to the other end.

Once its set, start at the twine end and roll up your tassel. The Glue Line will secure it at the other end.

I added a little strip of origami paper along the top to give it some detail and tied a knot at the base of the twine next to the tassel top.

Aren’t these tassels cute?! They really add a fun detail to the banner.

I had a few flags left over that were perfect for treat toppers. I used glue dots and tooth picks to put them together.  In my opinion if birthday parties don’t come together fast and easy, they aren’t worth doing.  There is SO much to do with getting ready for a party, and it can be so stressful!  I want to have fun prepping and getting ready, so I can’t be bogged down with too many things to do. This birthday ensemble is quick to come together and I used ALL of the supplies I die cut so there was no waste. I like that!

I just popped those flags into the top of my Rice Krispie treats.

 And that’s it! Happy Birthday Par-Tay!!

Our birthdays aren’t for another few weeks but I love this banner so much, I am going to leave it up all month. It’s just too darn cute not to enjoy. The treats however, will be gone by the end of the day. My kids have been waiting for this photo shoot to be over so they can eat them up!

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Until next time, just keep on crafting!
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  1. LOVE this fun project set! The banner is fabulous–love the use of kraft with pops of color in between! I also lover your jams. I think I have the same ones! 😉 HUGS! 🙂 Mynn xx

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