Spring Flowers by Jamie Cripps

Good Morning CutCardStock fans!  It’s Jamie back with you today!  I am over here in Michigan still dealing with Winter…and since it appears it’s going to be a while before Spring actually makes it here, I decided I would make a set of Lilac stems to help brighten up the house!  I love paper flowers and Basis card stock works so wonderfully for creating them!

Basis colored card stock is an 80# card stock weight and it can be purchased in 8-1/2 x11 or  12 x 12 size in many different colors!  It has a smooth finish and it works beautifully with Silhouette die cutting machine!  It really is my go-to card stock for all of my projects!

Here is a tutorial for how I created these Lilac Stems…

 1.  Cut out the pieces to the 3D Lilac Flowers using the Basis Light Purple, Basis Purple, and the Pop Tone Lemon Drop card stock. 
 2.  Curve each individual petal using a wood skewer or pencil then fold up the circle centers, squishing them tightly.  Apply a glue dot on the back of the circle center and adhere it in the center of the individual petal as shown.  Repeat this for all twenty flowers.
 3.  Next grab your two stems.  Fold on all the score lines, bringing the center together in the middle and folding each flower back.  Place adhesive in the center of one of the stems and adhere the two sides together.  Your stems should look like this now. 
 4.  For the second stem, place a strong adhesive down the middle as shown.
 5.  Place your folded stem in the center of the open stem.
 6.  Adhere the open stem around the folded stem.  Run a bone folder or ruler along the edge to make sure you have it adhered well.
 7.  Grab your skewer (or pencil) and curve each of the petals on the stem piece.
 8-9.  Place glue dots on the center back of each of the individual flowers and begin adding them to the flowers on the stem.
10. Once you have all the flowers in place, go through and fluff up the individual flower petals as needed.
11.  The file comes with a stem cover (to make it green) or you can use a green ribbon to cover the base of the stem.  I am using a green velvet ribbon to cover mine.  Embellish with a ribbon around the stem or create multiples and place them in a vase!


Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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