Pretty in Pink Layout

Hello and Happy Wednesday to y’all! Misty here with you today on this GLORIOUS day to share a new layout featuring my daughter and her friends at her graduation party. But first… I want to share this…
TODAY IS THE DAY. My youngest baby will walk across that stage to receive her diploma and will officially close this chapter of her life…and mine. FIVE kids y’all…and all five graduated high school. I have been doing this for more than half my life…and today marks the end of an era. I will be a blubbering baby tonight…but OH MY GOODNESS…What an amazing feeling.

Ok…back to the layout. Since Skye insisted that her party be all things pink, it only made sense that the layout be the same. I pulled out all my pinks that I would be using, set my Cricut machine to cut out the balloons, then got to work.


I have a pretty extensive stash of Pink Cardstock from the Cut Card Stock Store. To begin, the balloon cutfile needed all those balloons filled…and not with my hot air! While a few would just be pink papers, I wanted to make a few into shakers filled with pink sequins and confetti. One by one, each balloon began taking shape, and before I knew it, I had a sky full of pink balloons!
**When I make shakers, I always cut a duplicate of the cutfile to place on top to cover up any and all glue spots, jagged edges, etc.
The pink diamonds and flamingos popped so well on this DCS Pearlized Textured Fruit Punch Pink Cardstock! SOOOO PRETTY!

Adding the Background

Once the balloons were filled, I needed to prep my background.
I pulled out my heavy white gesso and a 12×12 brick wall stencil for the effect that these balloons needed behind them. Since I wanted more of a confetti look, I opted for the pre printed page from Prima as opposed to my normal solid white background. Just to be ‘SURE’ that this is what I wanted, I placed the finished balloons on top of the stencil and paper before I added the gesso and texture. YEP! It was going to be perfect! After taping the stencil in place, I loaded it up with lots and lots of white gesso to create the bricks. Of course, that required drying time, and I am an impatient person, so my handy dandy heat gun got a work out, too!

And it is Done…

After prepping the background, all that was left was adding in my photos and a few embellishments. While I don’t usually stress to much over the photos, this time was different. There were so MANY amazing photos that I captured from her party! So many perfectly posed in front of the balloon backdrop! I finally narrowed it down to just one of her, and one of her best friends that she has had since grade school. These girls have be through it all together…and now, today, they will graduate together. My heart is full.

As you can see, these girls are so happy…and I am so proud of all of them. I will scream and yell and clap so loud for each of them as they walk the stage this evening. However…that one in the middle…my baby girl…she will have my whole heart. While I will clap, I will also be shedding a river of tears. She will have all of my love and tears right there in the palm of her hand. Tonight, she represents the end of an era, and the beginning of a new chapter. She doesn’t even know it.
While I choke back my tears, you all should head over to the Cut Card Stock Store and gather up your own “Pretty in Pink” cardstock. Or whatever color you need to start your own scrapbook journey. CutCardStock has every color of the rainbow, and the quality is beyond compare!

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