Bewitching Boo Bags

What is your favorite time of year? Mine is Fall – when the leaves are turning…okay, well actually in the Southwest, when I can go outside again without sweating! Ha ha! And Fall is a great time to gather friends for, you guessed it, a Halloween party!

I am having a Hocus Pocus themed party this year. I haven’t hosted a party in awhile, and I can’t wait to get my best gal friends together! I like to make treat bags for everyone, even if we are not (quite) kids anymore. These bags will be filled with chocolate, because – who doesn’t love chocolate??

Now, for a Hocus Pocus party, I’ve selected the following colors that signify Winifred, Sarah and Mary from the movie: Canvas Textured Adobo Orange, Astrobright Solar Yellow, and since the purple color I used is not available, go for Discount Medium Purple.

Take a look at the SUPER easy way to assemble these bags – I promise you, it’s like “magic”:

Perhaps you aren’t throwing a party – these are still a great treat to drop off to a friend or neighbor. Your kids can help with these too, since there is no intricate coloring or cutting involved. Maybe they would like handing these out at school!

In our neighborhood, folks would drop off a “boo bag” on a porch as a secret surprise! I might even think about making some adult versions…anyone want a “boo-zed bag” perhaps?

If you want your bags to stay together as you transport them, consider also stapling the top or tying twine around the back of the straw so it doesn’t slip out.

What other colors, or variations, can you come up with? I used Basis White for the lettering and DCS Black Glitter for the headband, but there are so many options. I’m thinking pastels would be a great Halloween trend to try too. I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Make sure you come check out our other “bewitching” ideas on our Creating With Cardstock fan page as well! Now, I’m off to hide the bags because…I smell children. *wink*

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