Teacup Explosion Box by Janet Axtman

In recent years, I have come to realize how important good friends are in this world. I wanted to make something special to tell my bestie how much she means to me. She and I share the good and the bad, the hilarious and sad. One thing is for sure, I’m an imperfect person but she overlooks that and supports me anyway. I ran across the sentiment I used in this project and it really spoke to me about our relationship. Yes, she knows my fence has broken spots but she just ignores that and focuses on the flowers instead. That’s a true friend!

I’m a big Silhouette Cameo user so I went on a search for a good explosion box pattern. I found this one “Explosion Box Teacup Mothers Day” in the Lori Whitlock store. It’s also available in the Silhouette Store. It’s design #319374. If you have a different machine the pattern is available as an .svg. This was perfect because I’ve wanted to try Pop Tones cardstock for flowers for some time. It’s 65# weight and very smooth. It’s pliable instead of rigid and it’s really the perfect cardstock for flower making.


  • Pop Tone Cards Stocks in Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, Razzleberry, Red Hot and Whipped Cream
  • 12 x12 coordinating pink cardstock of your choice
  • Embossing folder of your choice (large size is recommended)
  • Archival Inks in Red Geranium and Picked Raspberry
  • Sponge applicator for ink
  • Quilling tool or fine tweezer (for rolling up flowers)
  • Wet Glue and Hot Glue
  • Spanish Moss
  • Polymer clay butterflies or other small embellishments on hand
  • Plastic mini spoon and tea package (optional)


  1. Cut base out of 12 x 12 cardstock. Cut all the other pieces out for the project out of Pop Tones 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.
    • Bubblegum: Teacup, pockets and 2 roses
    • Cotton Candy: Saucer, mats, box top and 2 roses
    • Razzleberry: hearts, four panel mats and 2 roses
    • Red Hot: single rose


  1. Use an embossing folder to emboss the box top, the 4 panels and hearts.
  2. Use Archival ink and applicator to lightly brush color on the embossing. It really brings it out!
  3. Glue the 4 Razzleberry panels in place. Fold and glue the box top together. Tip: clips can help the box top to stay in place while the glue sets.


  1. Edge the saucer and teacup pieces Archival ink
  2. Form the shapes by gluing edges together using the tabs. Use tabs to glue the teacup handle in place


  1. Edge all flowers with Archival ink
  2. Roll flowers working from the outside in using a tweezer or quilling tool
  3. Glue base of flowers with hot glue to secure. Tip: YouTube has many paper flower construction videos if needed


  1. Follow score lines, fold and glue to make two pockets. Glue a heart on each one.
  2. Fill with what you want: small photos, notes, tea package, etc.


  1. Crumple a piece of copy paper into a tight ball. Hot glue it into teacup.
  2. Hot glue Spanish Moss to paper ball. Trim excess with a scissor. This is messy! Trust me, it turns out nice in the end!
  3. Arrange and hot glue roses to Spanish Moss
  4. Attach cup to saucer with hot glue.


  1. Hot glue finished cup and saucer to the middle of the box
  2. Use wet glue to attach the white sentiment pieces to the pink mats
  3. Decorate sentiments with sequins, pearls, polymer clay shapes, etc.
  4. Use wet glue to attached the sentiments and mats to the box

Here’s a close up of the finished teacup and roses with the optional plastic spoon. Isn’t it pretty?!

Here’s the finished project again. Before you give it away, fold up the four sides and put the box top on. It forms a nice box about 3 1/2″ square. I will probably decorate the outside of the box with a big bow and a flower or two but it’s perfect just the way it is too. In some ways, it packs a bigger punch when the box is plain and unassuming. The big beautiful display when opened is unexpected and delightful.

Thanks for taking a look at today’s project. I hope you’ll agree it’s not as complicated as you might have thought. It really is worth the time you put into it.

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