Spring Shenanigans Layout

Some photos are difficult to match with a collection. Using primary colors along with pieces of multiple collections and some misc stash embellishments is all it takes. You would never believe that the patterned paper one this layout came from PhotoPlay Willard and Fern along with a wood piece for the title, Spring Shenanigans.

Cardstock for Spring Shenanigans:

For this layout, I chose to use the Red, White, or Green cardstock bundle, along with the PhotoPlay collection Willard and Fern. These may also be found as Habenaro Red, Wedding Cake White, and Bonsai Green. With this collection, many shades of these would also work. I also used some Curious Metallic Electric Blue to mat my photos with.


After deciding on a design, I cut all my block out to 3.75×3.75. Using an old edger, I roughed up all my edges on all my blocks. I like the look this gives, a controlled messy look. Looking over them I decided they were still missing something, Inking!

Using Catherine Pooler inks, I went with Rockin’ Red, Grass Skirt, and Juniper Mist. Using the the red on the green, the green on the red, and the blue on the patterned paper. When I am happy with the inking, I glued the blocks down and went on with figuring out where to place my photos and which embellishments to use.

Gluing and Organizing:

Starting with gluing down the corners, I find it easier to start there so as I adhere the others I can control the look. Adding the middle piece last makes it easy to center it.

Trimming my photos and mats, fussy cutting some pieces, getting an idea of how I want to glue pieces down. Having everything pulled out and ready to go makes it easier for me to grab, glue, and on to final touches.

Final Touches to Spring Shenanigans:

Final Touches are always my favorite part of any layout. Adding sequins, puffy stickers, and Nuvo drops, really make any layout look finished. They also happen to be my favorite embellishments!

I would love to see your projects! Please share them here or tag me on social! Happy Crafting!

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