Good day to you! Welcome back to! It’s Kristie Larsen here with a little holiday banner tutorial for you.
Here is the Halloween banner I made up… Ooooh, Spooky!!

I started first with some lovely colours from the Flavours Gourmet card pack. I love these together. And I love their names! (Gourmet Squid, Smoked Sea Salt,Vino Cotto, Tangelo)

One thing I like to do when I am creating is pull out all the supplies I think I am going to use and start matching them up together. Lay things out and then ask yourself questions… Do the sizes look good proportionally? Do the patterns coordinate well? If I don’t think it quite works, I keep switching things until I find something that kind of sings to me, you know the feeling? I think creativity works in an interesting way and you can almost *feel* when it is working. Sometimes I don’t even know why it works, I just know it does.

I just purchased myself some *black* embossing paste. I’ve been dying to try it! I LOVE white paste, of course and you can colour it all shades of ink, but getting it black is kind of a pain (because of the ink consistency) and really takes some added time. I now feel like if you are to have any colours of embossing paste it should be white AND black…. (aaaaand maybe a gold. That would be lovely!) I die cut my banner shapes using this die cut and picked out three stencils to go with my three colours.

I played around with the order of the colours for the banner first, and then decided which stencil I wanted on whichs colour. I secured my banner pieces and stencils to my craft mat with washi tape and smeared my paste on.

The finished result is lovely. There is a nice raised texture to the paste but its really smooth too. 

 Pulling off the stencils is my favourite part!

I chose a few different Halloween stamp sets to create accents for each of my letters. I alternated the arrangement from letter to letter trying to get an even balance of details. I LOVE this one with the witch smashed under the letter ‘Y’. It’s reminds me of the Wizard of OZ. HA! They are stamps from two different sets, but seem to go together seamlessly!
And the final banner again for you to enjoy! 

Ok… what do you think? Are you a banner person? My kids have already hung this where they want it and have eaten all the candy, (and shattered the pumpkin already! Ee-Gads, Boys!)

Do you have some lovely holiday decor planned for the next few months? has a plethora of amazing items that can help you get your craft on and get ready for all the holidays ahead. In full disclosure, I was worried about how much time this banner would take me and from start to finish it was only an hour. One Hour! I couldn’t believe how FAST it came together. So when you see the posts from the team this month and wonder to yourself, “How will I find time to do that!?” Don’t fret! Just pull out your goods and get to work. These projects are doable no matter what stage of crafter you are or how much time you may have. We hope you feel inspired to craft up your home for the holidays that are coming in the next few months. YOU can do it so simply and enjoy yourself too!

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Thanks for joining me today! Until next time…just keep on crafting.

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