Elegant Paper Chandelier Tutorial

This month’s featured discount includes card stock over 120lb and Muscletone Pop-Tone cover certainly qualifies, “weighing in” at 140 lb. As I pondered how to feature this paper, I knew a 3D project was in order. Then, white out shopping for groceries, I saw a black Halloween tree made of two pieces of foam core. It was Since the two pieces were criss-crossed to make an “X,” it stood up. Using that idea, I was inspired to create a chandelier

This is not a complicated project but plan to take your time to make it fabulous.
Gather supplies

  1. Spray Muscletone POP-TONE in Sweet Tooth with metallic spray on one side of each piece. Allow to dry. Repeat for the back sides. Using more thin layers is better than fewer thick ones. So add layers to get the desired amount of color, allowing them to dry in between.
  2. Sketch half of a chandelier. You can see how I did mine in the photo above. Cut out the folded piece to get two exact halves. This is your pattern.
  3. Use the pattern to trim two pieces from the Muscletone POP-TONE paper. I found it best to use a kraft knife on a cutting surface.
  4. After cutting two sets, cut one down the center to the hole from the top and one up to the center from the bottom. (I placed the following images onto black paper to better show the white project.)
  5. Slip the two pieces together, and glue them along the seams, top and bottom.
  6. While allowing it to dry, create the candle bases by folding Basis White 80 lb. card stock and trimming them as shown.
    (1) start with a square approximately 3×3″.
    (2) fold in half and (3) in half again

    (4) fold down the loose corners on front and (5) back to make a triangle
    (6) using the same corners, fold again to smaller triangles on front and back

    (7) turn the piece over and open the center
    (8) fold the larger corner toward the center and (9) finish on both sides

    (10) the piece will look like this after step 9
    (11) fold the piece back onto itself
    (12) trim in a “v” shape, at approximately 1″ for the large circles and 3/4″ for the small ones
  7. Open the candle bases until it is just folded in half. Trim a slit down the center that will fit over the candle holder.
  8. Next, string white seed beads onto fishing line. About every 2½“, make a “point” by stringing a bead and then re-stringing the previous bead. Continue with the next section.
  9. String four sections, and tie the ends of the line together with a square knot. Adhere to the chandelier.
  10. Make the candles by trimming more Muscletone into four 2½” pieces and four 2½x½” pieces. Snip a small slit in the bottom of each candle so it can be slid onto the end of the candle post. Glue the bases onto the arms and then add the candles.

  11. Embellish the chandelier with gems, beads, ribbons, silk flowers, a tassel, whatever elegant bling you find.
  12. Hang using fishing line or ribbon. Enjoy!

Supplies: Sweet Tooth Muscletone POP-TONE 140 lb
Basis White 80 lb.
If you are looking for a full list of supplies click on my blog.

    Thanks for stopping by today. Remember all Heavy Card Stock is on sale through October 31st.

    Keep creating, Eli

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