A fun Halloween Treat Box

This fun little box is super easy to put together and is such a cute gift for teachers, bus drivers or anyone else you would like to give “a little something” to for Halloween or any holiday!  I have seen instructions for these type of “nugget” boxes several places on the internet.  The instructions I used for these boxes came from :
12 x 12 cardstock (I used Basis Dark Purple 80 lb cardstock)
Patterned paper (I used paper from a DCWV stack)
Red line tape
Scoring Board
Ribbon, pins, brads, rhinestones (any embellishment you desire)
Blank self-adhesive address labels (I used 1” x 2 5/8” size)
Stamps (I used Taylored Expressions Fright Night Favors set)
Ink (I used Close to My Heart’s Black, Sunset, Pear and Pansy Purple)
 4 –5 “Nugget” style chocolate candies per box
1. Cut 12 x 12 Basis Dark Purple cardstock to 4”by 7 ¼”.   Set aside the rest of the cardstock for the sliding lid.  We’ll work on that in step 8.
2.  Score the cardstock on the long 7 ¼” side at 1 ½” from each end.  (1 ½” and 6 ¼”).  Rotate 90 degrees and score the 4” side of your card stock at ½” and 1 ¼” from each end ( ½”, 1 ¼”, 2 ¾”, and 3 ½” ). 
3. Cut out the four small corner rectangles as shown above, to the score line.
4. Cut the other score lines on both of the 4” sides to the first score line, making flaps for the box.
5. Use a bone folder to make each of the score lines crisp.  Fold all pieces towards the inside of the box.
6. Using red line tape, secure the ½” flaps on each of the long sides of the box inward. 

7.  Place red line tape on one flap at either end of the box.  Secure the second flap to the first, forming the sides of the box.  Fold the remaining long tab towards the inside of the box, covering where the flaps overlap, and secure with red line tape.   This should now be the bottom tray of the box.
8.  Now we’ll work on the top of your  box.  There are two possibilities for the lid.  The sample with the green paper used a piece that is 4 ¼” x 5 ¾”.  This lid leaves about ¼” on either side for the bottom of the box and candy to show.  The other sample, using the orange cat paper is 4 ¾” x 5 ¾”. This lid is flush with the edges of the box.  Some people find the shorter lid easier to slide open, but I have had no problems with the longer lid opening, either.
9. Scoring either lid is the same, because we are scoring on the 5 ¾” side.  Score at  1 ¼” and 2 1/8” at each end.  (1 ¼”, 2 1/8”, 3 5/8” and 4 ½”).  Fold the cardstock around the bottom tray of your box and seal the bottom with red line tape.  Be sure to make the lid secure, but not too tight so that it still slides the bottom tray in and out.  
 10. For the shorter lid, cut patterned paper to 3 ¾” x 5 ¾”.  (If you are using a thicker paper or cardstock, you may want to score the same as step nine for ease of folding around your lid).  For the longer lid, cut patterned apper to 4 ¼” x  5 ¾”.  Center the paper so that about ¼” of the lid is showing on either end.  I used Tombow adhesive to adhere to the lid and secure underneath.
11.  Embellish the box as desired.
12.  For the candies, I stamped directly onto the address labels and wrapped them around the nuggets.  They fit perfectly, and turn out really cute.  You could even make a bunch of personalized labels by printing on them from your computer.

The boxes fit four nuggets, but you can squeeze five in if you don’t mind the middle one being a little crowded.  After you get the hang of these boxes, they are a breeze to make!  The hardest thing about them is not eating all the candy first!
Happy Stamping!

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