Holiday Baubles from My Past

As I was cleaning out the cellar at my parents’ home I found a box of paper ornaments that my brother and I made as children. And about 60 years later, I share them with you and hope you can use these ideas and even play with them with your own children or grandchildren. I’m sure that back in the day these projects were intended to keep us busy for hours–cutting out the circles individually with round-tip scissors and using paste which never seemed to dry quickly enough. However, now these baubles are quick as a wink and kinda fun…even to re-make so many years later!!

I selected these beautiful Williamsburg Christmas colors for the baubles — Chili Arbol and Thai Basil from the Flavors Gourmet collection and Ice Gold from the Curious Metallic collection. For each bauble, I cut 18 circles – 6 from each color. Rather than cutting by hand or using dies, I used the following punches: 3 1/2″, 3″, 2 1/2″, and 2″ for the four different sizes of baubles. Of course if you don’t have these punches, you can certainly draw any size circle and cut them out by hand or use circle dies. I then folded each circle in half and creased with a bone folder.

Decide on the pattern of colors you wish to make and begin adhering the semi-circles to each other…I alternated red/green/white. I used Tombow Mono Multi-Purpose Liquid  Glue and  found that the best glue pattern is the following:

After you have adhered all of the semi-circles this is what your stack will look like:
And the stack will automatically form the bauble as soon as you release it.
Before you adhere the last two semi-circles, place some means of hanging the bauble. I used gold cording but you could also use ribbon or twine.
I finally adhered the last two remaining semi-circle surfaces and added a bow to the top of each bauble and a pearl fitting to the bottom.
First, I would like to apologize for my photos as something is definitely wrong with my camera but I wanted to show you as many of the steps as possible so this would be so simple to replicate. And I can assure you that it is something your children and grandchildren will be able to do very easily. And if you do the punching of the circles, they will finish ‘quick as a wink’ and will be ready for the next project.
This little project is just not for Christmas! Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I used this same pattern to make a pink bauble for one of my PINK SISTERS…SMILES!!!!
Thank you so much for dropping by today and we hope to see you again real soon. Until the next time, big hugs from Jacque
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  1. They are sooo cute and beautiful JAcque and you´re right sooo easy that even the smallest kids can be in on these, and I´m sure, they´ll all have a blast making some of these, no doubt. Thanks sooo much for sharing the idea with us here. You´re always sooo generous in everything you ever do.

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