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Here is another post with your good ole friend Lizzie!  This month has been so busy I think it’s time to sit back and do a quick and easy peasy project to spruce up any party that you might be throwing this summer.  This is my go to garland for any occasion, from holiday’s to birthday parties and I even have a few of them hanging around my house to add a little PIZAZZ to a blah space.
You will need:
Assortment of CutCardStock in both bright and neutral tones
Assortment of Pattern Paper
Two different sized circle punches
Twine/Jute/Yarn in a neutral tone
First, punch out as many circles as you can.  I like to make sure that I have even numbers of each size.  
Next, you take your adhesive and apply it to one side of a circle.  Then lay your twine/jute/yarn over the adhesive.  I like to use dry adhesive for this, but wet would work fine, especially if it’s the quick dry kind.
Now we take another circle of the same size and place it over the circle and twine combo.   Pretty easy huh?  This is why I like to have an even number of circles.  B/c each part of the garland uses two circles.
Add more circles and cover them with up.  You don’t have to use a solid color on the backs or even the same color/pattern.  B/c we tend to have our parties outside here in Texas more then inside, the wind blowing thru this garland with mismatched sides is amazing to the eye!  I also don’t follow a pattern when creating.  Sure you can go big, small, big, small… but if you are a reader of this blog, you know doing anything in the normal scheme of things is not for me.
Keep adding your circles to your garland to you have your desired length.  Then just cut your twine/jute/yarn and decorate!  B/c the garland is a little loosey goosey, it’s okay to just drape it wherever it can be held. 
It’s a nice touch to any party.  I even used this type of garland for my son’s Pirate Parrrrty back in April.  With the right colors and patterns, this tutorial can add a little flair to any type of shindig.
OR you can just  use it as home decor!  Here is the same garland that is now in it’s permeate home over the mirror/vanity in my bedroom.  I think it looks cute up there, don’t you?
Thnx for joining me again for another FAB tutorial.  Please link up here if you try this our, or any of the tutorials that I have posted here.  I would LOVE to see what you make!!!
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  1. Cass, it doesn't take that long. The longest part is figuring out what to stitch and drawing the pattern. Of course, the bigger it is, the more time. The card featured in the tute took about 45 mins from first punch to last stitch. I would say that is about the average!

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