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Hi Friends!! kel here today 🙂 This was a SUPER FUN card to make!!! I saw a Jennifer McGuire post the other week about using up cardstock strips to make card backgrounds and thought this would be perfect to try! I simplified mine, of course, but it was super easy to put together and used so little of the Pop Tones Cardstock that I can make tons more!!

I started by cutting down some scrap Pop Tones Cardstock into 1/2″ strips. For this card, I used Berrylicious, Blue Raspberry, and Black Licorice. I also pulled a scrap piece of paper (can be whatever you have on hand because it all gets covered up, front and back!) and cut it down to 4″ x 5.25″.

I cut a piece of Whip Cream Pop Tones Cardstock to 3.75″ x 4.5″ and then traced it on one side of the card. I used pencil here because I didn’t want to accidentally mark up the Whip Cream piece.
But as you can see, I then used pen to roughly go over it… it’s on the backside of the card so it doesn’t really matter how perfect your lines are. Just make sure that the pen you choose doesn’t bleed through *just in case*.

I used the Honeycomb Dot Adhesive roller and put adhesive all over my card and then started laying down the strips!

It doesn’t matter what order you go in, just make sure that you cover all the edges! I chose to go Blue Raspberry, then Black Licorice, then Berrylicious, and then start that pattern all over! Make sure to trim your pieces off as you go to save some strips!

And this is where the $$ saver comes in!  The reason we traced over the back with pen is to see how much of the actual card front was going to be covered. Because if you’re just covering it up with something else, no sense waste pretty colors behind it where no one can see!! Use the light to see how much you actually need to cover and save the rest!!

And because you’re lining up your pieces snug against each other, it should really be a piece of cake to make sure it all lines up at the end! But when you’re putting your pieces down, make sure to go a little over the line just in case you trace crooked lol!

Next I stamped my sentiment using so pretty (and matching!) Distress Inks. I’m new to stamping with Distress Inks, so this was super fun for me!! Unfortunately, one of my cubes is leaking (or something!) so I unknowingly got ink on my finger and left that smudge on the top right as I slid my magnet off my card.  BOO people, I can’t say that enough.  BOO.

And then when I stamped the rest of the sentiment, I managed to make another smudge. Apparently I’m all about the ink smudges today!! So once again I say BOO.  BOOOOOOO!!!!! haha!

But that’s okay!! And I really want to share that it’s okay to make mistakes! You don’t even have to throw it out or start all over sometimes! My fix: stick a cardstock banner/strip over the smudges and make it look like you MEANT for the card to come out like this!!  haha!!

Mistakes are totally fixable. And make for some pretty cute cards in the end lol!!  The great thing is that I have so much leftover strips that I can make a few more!! For the record, I cut 8 strips that were 4.25″ long and have FIVE of each color leftover + some scrap pieces big enough to use, and that includes the two black banners/strips. That means I used less than 3 strips of each color to make the card.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Make sure to stay up to date with the latest news and sales on the CutCardstock Facebook Page!!

lovies, =o) kel

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