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How to Make a Scene: Envelope Art

Do you decorate your envelopes? I’ve done some stamping on them, but today I’m sharing an entire scene I made on a Basis White Envelope. This month’s special is Basis Cardstock, so you could create your own envelope art and scene before it’s assembled. Each …


Spring in the Air?!

The weather has been nuts around here in Chicagoland! One week is the polar vortex, and the next its spring! With the *temporary* warm temps we had earlier this week, I had spring on my mind, which means FLOWERS and RAIN of course!!! I’ve have been …


Holiday Card Bonanza!

Hooray! My last holiday card order was delivered yesterday! This year I designed 50 custom holiday cards. Custom meaning, no templates! All designs were original and not duplicated. While this makes for a bit of a grueling November, I get incredible creative gratification from this …