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Hello, and TGIF! Misty (@mommyofkidz) here with you today to share a new layout.

I decided that it was time to start scrapping some of my photos from my honeymoon, but I wasn’t exactly sure how. I knew that I wanted to journal a lot and write down all the important memories.

However, I did not want to clutter up the front of my layout. Then it hit me – an envelope! I can use an envelope to hold all of the journaling and make it look like part of the layout! Consequently, that is precisely what I did.

However, the scrapbooker in me had to make sure that my envelope “matched” the rest of the theme of the page. That is when I set to work.

I gathered up the materials that I would use to decorate my envelope.
With my stencil butters, putty knife, stencil, and lace in hand, all I needed to complete this was the 6-inch Curious Metallic envelopes in Poison Ivory.

Making It Match

The poison Ivory 6-inch Square Envelope was going to be perfect for my journaling. I knew that it would hold it all nicely-almost like a letter to myself.

However, I wanted the outside of the envelope to look as if it “belonged” on the layout and not a last minute add. So, I used the stencil butter to add the words to it. I mixed the 2 different blues to make it look more like water- and it worked perfectly!

I also cut the front of the envelope a bit and added the lace to it to make it look a little more “frilly” You all know me-I can’t make something look masculine even if I tried! LOL

When I was finished decorating my envelope, it was time to start creating my layout.

The Assembly

I was super happy with the way that the envelope turned out. It was time to assemble the rest of the layout. I was using a travel themed collection from 49 & Market, so I grabbed cardstock to match. DCS Discount Card Stock: Canvas Textured Smoke Gray was perfect for mounting everything on.

My favorite “Go To” cardstock- DCS Discount Card Stock: Canvas Textured Wedding Cake White was perfect for mounting my photo. Once I had all the elements in place, it was easy to assemble and make it look like a layout! As you can see, I have several tabbed notecards inserted into the envelope.

I have not done my journaling yet, because I wanted to chit chat with the hubby about some of the details. I want to include both my memories AS WELL as his in this. Another reason that I knew this was going to be a long winded layout!

Finishing Touches

It was time to add the finishing touches…flowers, paints, distressing, etc. A few little embellishments here and there, and voila! It was now a layout that made me smile.

Using the envelope was a perfect way to add a “pocket” for all of my details while still enhancing the beauty of the overall page. I could not have been more satisfied with the results! Envelopes are not just for mailing cards, that is for sure!

Oh, and the Square envelopes are on sale right now in the CutCardStock Store! Go grab some of your own! I have a 6×6 album in the works right now-I will be sharing it soon. Maybe you can stock up on your envelopes and be prepared for that! I will be sharing with you how to create your own envelope album!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my layout today. I hope you all have a wonderfully creative weekend!

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