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Hey, who has started collecting vinyl records or still has a collection from the last time they were popular? Sharon here, my hubby loves the Beatles and has started collecting their original vinyl records. It’s his birthday this week so I have made hime this cute little record player instead of a card.

It is a cutting file available on the Silhouette Design store. Pop Tone Cardstock cuts well in a cutting machine which is what I’ve used for this.

The cardstock comes in multiple colors for my project today I have use Black Licorice, Wild Cherry, Grapesicle and Berrylicious. I also used Classic Crest Neenah Solar White 80lb. this is a sturdier card than the Pop Tone so great for the hinges and the decor on the box that re-inforced in.

To start the project you need to decide on your colors, cut the pieces and then construct the main box. The top and bottom are identical and consist 6 parts.

The inner tab pieces need the tabs folding and adhesive placing along them. Use double sided tape for this as it is easier to work with and holds firmly. Once you have the tape in place, adhere the pieces together to form a square.

Now add the frame section on top of this square ensuring the inner frame lines up with the inner edges of the square.

The outer tab pieces need decorating, You can add the white frame decoration at this stage or when the box is constructed. Tape is added to these the same as the inner pieces. Adhere the 2 pieces together but don’t form into a square yet as you need to add the handle

For this you need 6 mini brads. using a bone folder or the edge of your desk form a curve on each of the handle fasteners and the handle its self. One of the tab piece has holes cut into it, Line up the small rectangles with these holes. Push a brad into one of the holes and fasten in place. Thread the small ring piece onto the rectangle then add the second brad and fasten in place. Repeat this for the other side of the handle so you have the pieces like photo 2.

Now for the handle. This also has holes at each end, curl these so the form a loop and the holes line up with each other. Thread this through the ring on the box and fasten with a brad. repeat on other side.

You should now have this cute handle!

Next to complete the box, fold the outer pieces and adhere around the outside of the frame piece. Add the square bottom piece and you have a box frame.

You need to repeat this process for the top box but this doesn’t have the handle. It does have a decorative piece on the top and it is easier to glue this in place before adhering it together.

That is the hard part out of the way Lets build the inner parts.

The record parts are easy, it consists of 3 rings which you glue on top of each other, then the little post threads through the center of these and is glued together. these do have a score line which you fold back and it holds the post in place like a brad would.

The 4 disks form the turnable, glue these together to give dimension – you could even just add on of these with foam square for the same effect.

Finally glue everything together – the stylus arm and button are added with foam squares and then deck to the black box section.

I want to make this more personal so I cut the inner box section again in white, trimmed the sides of this so it has a lower profile when inserted as the record player section is dimensional. Using a Carnation Crafts word die I cut the shadow and the words for my sentiment.

Lining the 2 box pieces up you are now going to add the hinges. These go on the outside of the back of the boxes to hold them Both together. Fold them along the score lines so the form a W. and glue in place I again used double sided tape.

These don’t hold the boxes together securely so cut another 2 and add these to the side as shown in the photos.

Final step add the inserts, these do fit snuggly so need a gentle hand to put them in but don’t they look cute!

You box should close on its own and looks adorable both open and closed.

I hope the lengthy instructions are easy to follow and you are inspired to make handmade gifts!

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