Holiday Card Bonanza!

Hooray! My last holiday card order was delivered yesterday! This year I designed 50 custom holiday cards. Custom meaning, no templates! All designs were original and not duplicated. While this makes for a bit of a grueling November, I get incredible creative gratification from this time of year. Now it’s time to celebrate! (Or start shopping, wrapping, baking – all of the other Christmas activities that I’m now behind on!)

For today’s post I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite card designs from this year’s collection. The first one above was so festive and fun! I always look forward to this client because she always does something unique, and this one was no exception. I created the fair isle pattern on the back side to coordinate with the kids’ pajamas, and we went with a red envelope to complete the design. Most of my cards this year were printed on Cougar Card Stock. The Cougar brand is often the “house” card stock of print shops, which makes it the most affordable choice for professional printing. For the envelope, we went with the Pop-tone in Wild Cherry.

I also try to incorporate my own hand-lettering and illustrations whenever possible, which the three cards above all exhibit. All of my cards this year were printed at an A9 size (5.5×8.5). I felt like this made my cards “stand out from the crowd” a bit, and the printing and postage cost is the same, so why not?! 
I always try to convince my clients to chose a color envelope if possible, because it completes the design AND makes an impression when it arrives in the mail. For the card above we used the Stardeam Metallic in Mars. This family lives out of town, so I look forward to seeing how her kids have grown up each year!
Babies! Who doesn’t love to receive a card with a darling baby on it? This year I had two clients who combined their holiday card with a birth announcement. One client couldn’t decide which design she liked best, so we printed them both! So fun!

And lastly, my own family’s card! This year I wanted to have a more “urban” look (as urban as you can get in the suburbs – LOL!). I also wanted to incorporate a chalkboard with our name, since I’m really in to chalkboard art right now. A hand-lettered envelope completes the design.

Phew! What a fun season it was! Hope you all enjoy the hustle and bustle of the upcoming weeks and have a Very Merry Christmas! XOXO, Erin @eringermandesign

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