Graduation Announcements

Hi Y’all and Happy Wednesday! It’s Misty here with you today, going to share one of my latest creations with you. But first, how is the weather in your part of the world? It is actually freezing down here in Texas, and I am all bundled up! I know that several parts of the nation and or world are snowed in, so be safe and warm! If you are bored while sitting in your house, you can also choose to be crafty! It is a great way to pass the time!
SO, As I have mentioned in previous posts, my BABY daughter is a senior in high school this year, and will be graduating in May. I don’t know whether to be proud that this is 5 for five of my kids to graduate, or to CRY that this is my last of five kids to graduate! I am literally a ball of emotions and don’t know which one to feel from day to day. Enough about me, however, back to the reason I am posting today! LOL My daughter did not want the generic graduation announcements, she requested that I make them myself. With five kids, you’d think that more than TWO of them would appreciate my ability to make most things! That being said, I did as she requested and handmade her Graduation announcements to her specifications.

Getting It Together:

Her school colors are Blue and White, and these are typically accompanied with silver or black. Since she was dead set on having just baby blue, white, and silver, I reached for my CutCardStock beauties. With these directions in mind, I pulled the cardstocks that I knew I would be using to fulfill her order.
These included Stardream Metallic Vista blue, and DCS Blast Off Blue. I also used Curious Metallic Galvanized, CCS Silver Glitter, Stardream Metallic Sparkly Bright White Pluto, and DCS White Glitter Heavyweight. Oh! There are several of the gorgeous blues on sale in the CutCardstock Store if you want to see more selections!

Once I had my cardstock selected, I sat down with my handy dandy Cricut and went to work! I knew that these Announcements needed to be mailable, which meant that I could not put a lot of “Fru-Fru” on them. They needed to remain as flat as possible. I also knew that she wanted minimalistic, which is completely the opposite of everything that is ME! LOL. My daughter loves my craftiness, but does NOT like all the “EXTRA” as she calls it. With all these things in mind, I selected two of my favorite cutfiles from Peartree Cutfiles that would help me tremendously in my attempt to create her perfect announcements.

Now comes the fun part…cutting it all out and then assembling it! Since both of the cutfiles were originally 11.5 x 11.5, I shrunk them down to fit my 6×6 cards. They actually are both cut at 5×5 inches so that I could layer the silver and blue and still have some of the white peeking out behind it all. Gatefold cards were definitely the way to go with these, which my daughter loved. She was very adamant about only having the Vista Blue on her cards, with absolutely NO black or dark blue. I tried to oblige her requests, but the need for contrast got the better of me!

Graduation Announcements: CHECK!

After they were all assembled, I presented both sets to her. She smiled and I received the 17 year old’s “Seal of Approval”. She loved them and gave me permission to use both sets. WOW! I pleased the teenager!! If you’ve ever had a teenager, you KNOW how difficult this was for me!
With the super long list of things to do before Graduation, I was able to check this one OFF of my list! Whew! All I will have to do is add a photo of the graduate and the details for the ceremony-Easy Peasy!

As I said earlier, I do hope you are all safe and warm with all this crazy weather sweeping the globe! Whether it be to make a card or get a jumpstart on your long crafty “To-Do” list, I hope I have inspired you in some way today! Those of you who are stuck at home, head on over to the CutCardStock Store and do some shopping! There is always a great sale going on!

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