Hey Santa!

STOP HERE! We have Cookies!
Yep, that’s right! I am bribing The BIG GUY and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I mean, he does have all the best presents hidden in that great big bag of his, right? Hi Y’all and Happy Friday Eve! It is almost the weekend, and I’m guessing that some of you have crafting on the agenda. If you don’t, you should add it! Christmas is in only 58 days away, and there are still tons of super cute crafts left to make!

Even though it is still October, I have already been super busy playing with paper and glue! It is very enjoyable for me to make cute and easy gifts to give at the holidays. I will make them in abundance and give them to coworkers, neighbors, teachers, etc. Occasionally, I have also taken a few with me when I’ve gone to family gatherings. With a family as large as mine, inevitably, there will be someone that didn’t get a gift, or someone that popped in unexpectedly. That is when these come in handy. Just decorate a small box, a jar, bag, etc., and fill it with candies, cookies, or other treats. I have filled this super cute box with homemade Bacon-Chocolate Chip cookies! YUMMYLICIOUS!

Gathering Supplies

When I said “cute and EASY” gifts to give, I meant it! The holidays are far too busy and expensive already, I’m not trying to add MORE to my already long “TO DO” list. I know you’re not either!
This was a box that I had received as a gift recently, and I loved the odd octagon shape of it. Rather than throwing it away when it was empty, I held on to it just knowing that I would find something to do with it! Guess what…I DID!

Besides the box, I gathered my cardstock, patterned paper, embellishments and adhesive. ALL were items that I already had on hand. Easy peasy! As a matter of fact, I didn’t have any 12×12 red cardstock on hand, so I made my 8 1/2 x 11work…you will see how in the photos.
I only used three cardstocks to create this fun gift box.
Stardream Metallic Mars
Cougar HEAVY white 160lb
Stardream Metallic ONYX
Since I have been part of this amazing design team, have gotten SO ADDICTED TO CUT FILES. The quality of all of the cardstock in the CutCardStock store is superb and perfect for cutting on any machine! I cut out my one big SVG from Peartree Cutfiles using Stardream Metallic ONYX and then I set to work!

Putting it All Together

In lieu of ordering some12x12 red cardstock, I opted to utilize what I already had. The Stardream Metallic Mars was PERFECT for this stop sign! The deep red color with just a touch of sparkle just POPPED behind this Stardream Metallic ONYX! The Cougar HEAVY white 160lb is smooth and semi glossy looking, and created the exact look that I wanted for the word STOP! It made the sign stand out…BIG, BOLD, and EYE-CATCHING! After assembling the STOP sign and covering the cardboard box with a patterned paper from Simple Stories, the only thing left to do was to add embellishments.

Now that my box is all pretty and decorated, all I have to do is fill it with something! Homemade cookies are the obvious choice for this one, of course! It is the perfect vessel to give a sweet treat to a co-worker, neighbor, or anyone for that matter! While I decide who will be the recipient of my Santa Box full of cookies, How about you pop on over to the CutCardStock store and gather some supplies to make your own easy gifts!
Thanks for stopping by today! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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