Boo’s Box Anyone?

Hey there y’all! Misty here to share a super fun and super EASY project with you today! Guess what…It’s NOT a layout! It is almost Halloween, and that always means fun decorations and festive parties. Every year, my daughter will ask me to make something for her group of friends at school, and every year, it has to be better than the last! UGH! Teenagers, am I right?! However, I always rise to the challenge and sometimes surprise even myself.
This year, I decided to put my own spin on a very well know adult gift… the “Booze Box”. If you are not familiar with this, let me tell you….
It is a box, bag or even a basket that one puts together full of alcohol and things to go with it, and they leave it anonymously on someone’s doorstep, desk, etc. They can be super fun, but definitely not youth friendly. SOOOOO I created a youth friendly version! The “Boo’s Box” you know….for my daughter to give to all her “Boos” aka best friends. Yes, she did the whole teenage “eye-Roll” when I told her…but she LOVED the idea… so I got started making them!


I always start by gathering my supplies that I think I will be using. Inevitably, I always need something that I didn’t anticipate, but I do like have most of it ready. The cardstocks that I used from the CutCardStock Store are pictured below. For the box, I used an actual boot box. I sell cowboy boots at the airport, of course I have a plethora of empty boot boxes at my disposal!

Once I have my papers and my box, I began figuring out my design. I wanted cute and whimsical with a touch of scary for all those teenage girls, therefore, glittery witches were the way to go! I chose my cut-files and put my Cricut to work cutting everything out. Spiders, withes and haunted houses, OH MY!
While it was cutting, I used the 12×12 Mantis Green Cardstock to completely cover my box. Once it was covered, I added all of the cut-files that I had prepared.


A wet glue worked perfectly for all those tiny parts like the spiders’ legs. Black Stickles was exactly what those tiny spiders needed, and Googly Eyes! YES! Googly Eyes! With the witch legs, the haunted house, and even the webs and spiders in place, I began adding the finishing “touches”. These were all perfect little additions to make these boxes super cute for my daughter and all her Boos! I finished the box up with some ribbons for the handles and voila! A “Boo’s Box”! All we have to do now is fill them with candy, sodas, and fun little trinkets! From Start to finish, one box took approximately 2 hours. Now I have FOUR more to go! Wish me luck!!

Thank you for stopping by and having a look today! I hope that I have inspired you in some way. Perhaps even to make your own “Boo’s Box” or Booze Box if you’re feeling frisky! Head over to the CutCardstock Store and grab your supplies. I promise there is something there for everyone!

Cardstocks that were used in this project:
Basis Gold, Basis Navy, and Basis Black
Stardream Metallic Punch
CCS Gold Glitter
Silt Glitter Prosperous Purple
Mantis Green Cardstock

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