When you’re celebrating someone who is a gem, you make these super cute and shiny gemstone boxes. The box has two layers, the base and the top layer. Since the base was going to be covered, I used a piece of Wedding Cake White cardstock.

And for the top layer, our Silver Glitter Cardstock! This glitter cardstock is great to use for many reasons; one, it’s shiny; two, it’s so easy to cut using your Cricut or other cutting machine; and three, there is no glitter pieces to clean up! That may be my favorite reason to use it.

I forgot to switch my Cricut setting to “glitter paper” so after the first cut finished but before hitting the arrow key to remove the mat, I hit the “cut” button for a second cut.

Before adding the top layer, be sure to fold all the tabs on the score lines. This makes it easier to assemble to box later.

I used tacky glue to assemble the box, but you can just as easily use double sided tape, hot glue or your favorite adhesive. My gems are being used as decoration and not favor boxes so I also glued the tabs on the top so the boxes would not open. You could definitely fill these up with candies and use them as favors.

This was an easy project but so fun and sparkly!

Now to embellish! My mom loves purple so I added a layered banner using Pop Tone Grape Jelly and with “86” in Curious Metallic Violette – plus a flat back pearl at the tab.

Although it was pretty easy to put together, it was a little difficult to photo! They did turn out super cute though and perfect for our gem’s birthday party!

Written by

Dorlene Durham

Hi there! I’m a mother of four young adults, two granddaughters and a dog, Gracie. We are an active family that love to create memories which gives me more things to scrapbook! It's win - win! You can see more of my creations on my blog Crafts in the Command Center, IG @3sons_and_astar or YouTube Channel Dorlene Durham.