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Our Big Day….

Hello, everyone! Misty here today sharing my most recent scrapbook layout. As you can guess by the title, it is a layout about my wedding day. With Covid hitting hard here in Texas, it was easy for us to decide to get married on the beach. The beach not only provided massive amounts of open air, it also set the backdrop for gorgeous photos. While surrounded with our closest freinds and family, we said our vows at sunset, and I became Mrs. Misty Foresman. Even though we only had eight of our ten kids there, it still turned out to be the perfect day. Once we both said, “I Do”, Our Big Day quickly turned into OUR BIG FAMILY!

I decided to scrapbook this photo using colors that complimented the gorgeous hues of that spectacular sunset. I wanted it to “POP”, so, of course I used Pop-Tones Cardstock to achieve this. Below are the colors that I used:

Of Course, the greens were not in the sunset, but in the seaweed! I definitely had to include seaweed…I mean, what is Galveston beach without a bit of sea grass? If you have never been to the beaches of Galveston, just imagine a bunch of sand, shells, and seaweed, however, we did choose the be married on the cleanest and prettiest beach that Galveston has to offer.

Making the Title

I think I have become seriously addicted to the Glitter Cardstock in the Cut Cardstock collection. It is just simply the BEST, hands down. No flaking, no glittery mess, and no shredding when I put it into my cutting machine. I used the DCS White Glitter Heavyweight to make my title, as well as the background, which I decided to watercolor. Each letter of the title was backed by a different color matching that beautiful sunset. Below is a photo of the beginning stages of my layot process.

It wasn’t as easy as it looks, deciding which colors to put where, what elements to add, etc. I think I put way too much thought into it, but then I decided that I needed the seaweed. Even though I was trying to focus on the sunset, it seemed to be too many pastels for my liking. It just wasn’t ‘POP’ing like I had hoped! Once I added the green seaweed, it all started coming together! Just look at how bright and vibrant those pastel Pop-Tones are now!

Adding “Eye-Candy”

I used a very large photo in order to convey how BIG our family is! By doing that, it allowed me to be very minimilistic with my embellishments, while still adding lots of “eye-candy” to accentuate the page. I grabbed a couple of flowers from my gigantic stash and strategically placed them with the seaweed bundles, then splatted in a few Nuvo drops just for good measure. I wanted to show you all just what I mean by having “eye-candy” without having to add much. Just take a look below at how the natural sparkle of the DCS White Glitter Heavyweight accentuated the whole layout. I was able to capture my Beautiful Sunset Wedding without detracting from the beauty of the beach and my family. Do you understand my addiction to this now??!! LOL

Admiring my Work

Finally, the layout was complete and I was able to sit back and admire my work. Not just my artwork, but my family. That beautiful bunch of crazy kids and and that hunky hubby of mine did NOT make life easy the last four years! I would rather blend waterclors all day than to have to go through blending this big ol’ bunch again! It wasn’t easy, but it was sure worth it. Add that to God’s Handiwork with that sunset, and you have a masterpiece in the making! Well, I think so anyway…but I my be a little bit biased!

I hope I have inspired you in some way today. Whether it be to create a layout with a large photo, or to create cards for loved ones, CutCardstock has everything you need. The Pop-Tones Cardstock is on sale this month, too! WIN-WIN! You should POP on over to the Cut Cardstock Store and stock up before they are all sold out!

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