It’s a Boy!

Who doesn’t love it when your oldest and closest friend has her first baby? That was totally not planned and unexpected! I was SO excited to find out she was expecting! We had so many plans! Baby Showers! I was going to be there with her! Come and help out. I don’t have children myself, however, I am the awesome Aunt of 13! (Maybe soon to be 14) I was there for my sister and brother with all of their babies, through the last 20 years. Oldest is 20, youngest, currently, is 3. ENTER COVID-19! I missed out on everything, so I decided to make her a 6×8 flip book with all sorts of fun stuff! Here is page 1!

Unfortunately, when I transferred phones, I lost 1/2 my pictures! I’m so sorry, as you know, I try very hard to take lots of pictures for you guys! But I have some, and next post I will try to do some of what I lost. Anyway… I started off with a sheet of Royal Sundance Felt Cardstock and trimmed it down to 6×8. Using a spray water bottle, and some Vicki Boutin Watercolors Pens, I made a background. Spray the water in one area, let it move around a little as best you can, quickly, the using a paintbrush, pick up the water color and dab it onto the wet area and just watch the magic!
Because of the texture in this paper, it dont go far, but it looks amazing the way the watercolors play with those textures! I had close up pictures, Im so sorry! Next time!
When I was finished at the top, I took each color and splattered down the page as well, in a more concentrated form, and it stuck to those fibers, it turned out awesome. I love the way this medium plays with the textures! it held up to the water decently as well. Once completely dry, I stacked cardstock on top and left it overnight to flatten it out again.

As you guys also know, I pull out everything except the kitchen sink! I printed my photo, pulled out the entire collection I bought for this mini album. Like always, having no clue where this was going to lead.

Photo! Always start with the photo. I used some POP-Tone Gumdrop Green Cardstock, DCS Discount Light Yellow, and some dark Blue scrap paper to layer behind my 4×4 photo. It adds some dimension to the page without making the book think. These mini albums don’t hold a lot, so cant make too many things popup. I decided on the mini, because I know her very well. She likes the smaller, easier to store than the big 12×12. She’s simplistic and will appreciate it more.

Adding embellishments are so much fun. I did popup the top banner, and the stork is a pop up embellishment, and i love popping up stuff, so its bound to happen. I used some “its a boy” stickers, in matching colors to the watercolors, I didn’t want to hide the mixed media, or the awesome play with texture that is going on up there.

I kept this title page simple. Finishing it off with some Nuvo drops and Brads. That’s right, Brads! I don’t think I’ve used them in ages, and the ones with this collection, I do believe are the only ones I even own anymore! Bringing back the oldies, but goodies!

I hope these captured at least some of the texture magic I wanted to Showcase with this particular cardstock. It holds up nice to the water colors, no peeling or anything. Just needed to spend some squishing time with some cardstock after it was dry.
Thanks for stopping by! As always, share your projects! Try this out, I was amazed and feel in love with the texture of this cardstock! I will be sure to use it again, and get more up close pics so you can really see the detail it takes on!
Happy Crafting!!
Melly Art

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