St. Patrick’s Day Derby Hat Gift Card Holder

Top of the Mornin’ to ya! Or evening…or whatever time of day it is, CutCardStock friends! It’s Maureen with you today, sharing a really fun gift card holder for St. Patrick’s Day. Do leprechauns leave treats (or tricks) at your house? If they do, this will help “them” add some magic for the day.

I love this project because it only requires some basic die cut shapes. I’ve seen various versions as SVGs and thought…how cute would it be to make a gift card holder from my shapes? I’ve chosen the Stardream Metallic Fairway Green paper, and cut out a 4″ circle; however, I’m leaving an open flat edge at the bottom as I cut.

Next, I’m cutting another piece of Fairway Green paper from my circle, but only the bottom edge this time. This will eventually become the gift card pocket on the back.

For the hat trim, I’ve cut a piece of the Fairway Green paper at a 1/2″ wide. To make the edges round, I’ve slipped a smaller 1/2″ die cut over the edge and trimmed the paper.

Another paper cut you will need comes from the Curious Metallic Night Black paper. This shimmery piece of fun will become the belt on the hat! Trim this to a 1″ wide strip.

I’ve also cut the buckle using the Astrobright Solar Yellow paper. To create a buckle, find either a rectangle (or in my case, a top note) shape, at about 1.5″ wide and trim it with 2 nesting dies. The smaller piece allows the Curious Metallic Night paper to peek through the buckle.

I really like the sparkle theme I have going here, so I cut 2 small shamrock pieces from the Mirrisparkle Evergreen paper, one from the top of the sheet and one from the back. These pieces will sandwich together and hold the little wire piece that sticks out of the hat brim. To make sure it’s secure, I used both glue tape and tacky glue before assembling.

Take this shamrock pick, and tape it under the Curious Metallic Night strip before gluing down. Then, trim off the edges to match the circle shape.

My final steps were to add the Stardream Metallic Fairway Green strip to the bottom with a few pop dots for dimension and the other strip to the back as a gift card pocket. Simply glue on 3 sides only to do this.

I like to add detail with a white gel pen for fun. Now my little treat pocket is ready to lay down on someone’s dinner plate. Frankly, you could tuck this holder anywhere!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little project and that it adds a magical moment to your St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget to check out all the delicious Curious Metallics and assorted colors this month at CutCardStock. May the wind be at your back this holiday! Cheers!

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