You know what really makes me feel accomplished in the new year? Making a set of “go-to” cards I can use for the various events that come up throughout the year!

Hi, it’s Maureen, and I’m sharing a project today that will get you caught up for those last minute celebrations or thank you card needs! I’m using the Stardream CutCardStock folded cards, which are on sale this month – and this paper is a “dream” to work with!

My favorite colors to work with are bold ones, so I’m starting with the Stardream Metallic Onyx Black folded cards, in the 4″ by 6″ size. I’ve picked a color palette that I saw recently on a grocery bag – gorgeous yellow lemons! It’s also reminiscent of the multitude of lemons that I give away each Spring when our lemon tree is ready for picking.

I have a cute lemon die cut set from Spellbinders, so I’ve picked out the Pop Tone Sweet Tooth White, Astrobright Solar Yellow and Pop Tone Gum Drop Green for the lemon pieces. I’ve cut several on my die cut machine so I can make a set of 3 cards.

The leaves needed a backdrop of the Pop Tone Sweet Tooth White, so I trimmed small pieces to cover the fold in the leaves. These are glued on to the back of the die cut pieces.

For the lettering, I found a cute font on my electronic cutting machine and added a .2″ offset on the letters. The black is cut with some of the Stardream Metallic Onyx Black and the shadow is with Pop Tone Sweet Tooth White.

Once glued together, I’ve attached them to the cards with a couple of pop dots. I’ve also added a panel of the white inside the cards for ease in writing messages.

Before I assemble the cards, I’m dusting the edges of my die cut pieces with black and white ink. All pieces are attached with glue, and some I’ve used pop dots for dimensions.

These cards assembled in no time! I love the play on words on these cards and the eye-catching color combos I can do with the CutCardStock paper. Now, as I give away the many lemons I have at home, I’ll have a cute card to give to my recipients also.

I really enjoyed sharing this project with you! Feel free to pin this idea to your boards on Pinterest for the next time you need to stock up on some basic cards at home. See you next time!

Written by

Maureen Ruangchamneil

Maureen (Mo) discovered joy in paper crafts when she created her first baby's scrapbook album (almost 20 years ago)! If she's taking a break from crafts, it's to hunt hidden Mickeys at Disneyland or sit by her pool with a cup of coffee. You can get "Mo' crafty" with her on A Little Mo Crafty Blog or on Instagram at @alittleMocrafty.