Winter has arrived! Bring on the snowmen, snowflakes, and evergreens covered in snow. I am sharing Ms. Snowman with you all today! She is super cute. Full of textures and even a hidden gem I will share as we go along. Let’s get this party started!

Cardstock for Ms. Snowman:

Originally, I had planned on keeping this simple. As I went along she got a little more complicated and I changed the colors I had pulled out. Ms. Snowman was created using using the following cardstock:

Stardream Metallic Crystal
Stardream Metallic Rose QuartzStardream Metallic GoldStardream Metallic Azalea
Stardream Metallic FlameClassic Crest Solar WhiteCougar WhitePop Tone Hot Fudge

Creating Ms Snowman:

Starting with the 3 snowballs, I used some Matte Acrylic Gel and Rock Candy loose glitter. Mixing them together and pushing them through a snow like stencil onto the outer accent pieces. The texture and look this gave her is fabulous. I did all the accent pieces for all three snowballs at the same time, that way they were completely dry when it was time to adhere them to the balls when they were dry.

Looking at these 3 snowballs, the larger bottom one is different. The top part that doesn’t have the stenciled accent piece, lifts off! Making this an awesome candy dish! If all goes well you wont be able to tell that it’s hiding your favorite candy!

Putting her together:

There is a lot going on here! I have roses, the skirt elements, the top hat and all the rest! The hat rolls up and gets glued, and the circles adhered to both ends. I liked to bend the bigger circle, or the bottom of the hat, so “snow” can sit on it. The branches for her arms, “coal” beads and buttons, and some ribbon! Slow process but so fun and surprisingly easy to pop together.

Hot glue is the best for putting projects like this together. Dries fast and holds together forever! Just be careful, hot glue is not forgiving. It is possible to correct mistakes, but it is not easy, so make sure you line everything up correctly the first time around!

The Skirt element, I embossed roses onto the Rose Quartz and put all my pieces together. Using wet glue to adhere them to the lid of the third ball. Once dried, using hot glue, added the next 2 balls. I added some cotton balls I had torn apart and some paper roses to the skirt.

Finishing Touches:

Adding ribbon, cotton, and a rose to the top hat. Using coal down the front, and using some more ribbon as a scarf. I used some fake snow and splashed it around, some of it I glued down, cause every snowman need some snow!

I love this project! So much so I am going to create another one so she isn’t alone. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see him! Thank you for stopping by! Share your winter projects with us!

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Melly Art

Hello! I am Melly! I am 38, and the momma of 4 of the most adorable mini Dachshunds! I have 6 siblings, and 13 nieces and nephews that I absolutely love to scrapbook. Outside of scrapbooking, I create home decor that is currently making its away around the country from Pennsylvania and North Carolina to Arizona and California! Ive been of the creative persuasion since high school. I love to play with all the things!