Weaving! Not just for baskets.

Thank you for stopping by! I am super excited to share these cards with you today. They are not something I make a lot of; I stick to scrapbook pages. Two friends of mine celebrated their 20th wedding anniversaries recently, so exciting! I wanted something special for them. Tada! Super cute card, and a super pretty card! I am so happy how these turned out. I’ve seen this technique used on larger scales for layouts, and I thought it was perfect for applying to a card, and it used up some scraps! Which, for me, is super awesome!

First thing I did… I saw this done on a friend’s YouTube channel, and I never would have thought of this! I pulled 4 Nuvo Crystal drops out, put a nice heavy line down a 6×8 piece of foundations paper, using a spatula, pulled the colors down, marbling them together a bit. I did this first, so they have ample time to dry before making embellishments out of it.

I started off with some strips of 1/2 inch strips of different shades of aqua. I have my stamped images colored, using alcohol markers, along with my cards. I am using the Darice A6 card base; I believe they are currently out of stock; however, a great substitute is the Cougar A6 card base. My strips are the Basis Teal, Basis Aqua, DCS Textured Surf, DCS Textured Caribbean Blue, and the Pop-Tone Blue Raspberry.

I did not attach anything to my card base. I felt it would be easier to create the weave and then glue it all at once to the base, trimming as needed. Starting the lightest color going horizontal, I attached the strips vertically, starting with the darkest to lightest, adding the reverse shades horizontal, weaving through. I used Catherine Pooler All That Jazz to ink my edges. Nuvo glue to glue every other strip, and foam adhesive to the others, giving this awesome dimensional result! This is very time-consuming, but it was definitely worth the time. Once I got the system down, it was easy. This is the first time I’ve done this technique; I just used an image and came up with my own way. That being said, if you have an easier way, by all means, use it! You may also share it! I love easy!

I continued this process, inking, gluing, and pop dotting until I had what I believed would fit the entirety of the card base. I added an extra strip on both ends just to make sure I had a big enough piece. It’s better to add now than realize after you glued that you needed more. Yes, I did that. It was not easy pulling that off and adding the extra. Always make more than you need!

That step is complete! Look at that dimension from the foam dots! I was thrilled with this result. The only thing I would have done differently was to use less shade, so they overlapped less. I still loved it, though. So much so that I decided to do it again, for another dear friend, also celebrating her 20th anniversary! I went a little different with it, color-wise.

With this version, I went with her wedding colors. I used Pop-Tone Gum Drop, Basis Light Lime, DCS Peach, and Basis Coral. Inked them with Catherine Pooler Party Dress and Grass Skirt. The same process only I went green horizontally, and the pinks went vertically. Glued every other one, and foam dots and the others. Made this one big enough the first time around. That was exciting! Gluing these to the base of the card, I used Glue Dots on the boxes I glued only, so the foam dots really stood up!

Nuvo paper is completely dry. Please let them completely dry before trying to die cut. If it’s still wet, the Nuvo will stick to the die, and it’s not easy to get off. Once dry, I cut out all the hearts. I LOVE them! I tried this and some green and pink, but I ended up using all of these instead. I attempted to add some glitter Nuvo in, but that did not work out so well. The crystal drops work beautifully! I also cut out my stamped images. I colored a floral image for the other card and cut that out as well. Now to assemble!

I played around with the aqua card for what felt like forever. I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to lay out those hearts. I must have tried 5 or 6 different ways and still didn’t know. The flowers were a little easier. It’s a single image. So I decided that instead of moving them around a million more times, I was just going to start gluing and hope for the best.

I made my sentiment pieces. That was easy! Gathered everything, sat it all together, and I actually walked away. Sometimes you have to. Clear your head and come back. It definitely helped in this case! Cause look at the awesomeness!

I used foam adhesive to pop up one of my foxes, and a heart added some butterflies and sequins from SpiegelMom Scraps. I popped up the flowers as well but kept the hearts flat. Added some hearts and butterflies, sequins, and I do believe they are completed!

I love how everything on these cards came together. From the weaving to the coloring, the hearts, and the sequins! They fit the couples perfectly. Totally 20th anniversary worthy.

I hope you found inspiration! I didn’t want to try this on a 12×12 layout! I don’t think I’m up for that amount of dedication. That will have to be an exceptional picture and occasion. This is very much a labor of love. For these ladies, though, as my closest friends, totally worth it! I would love to see if you try this or use it differently on something else. Please share your creations. I would love to see them! I am always looking for inspiration and new things to try! Thanks for stopping. Leave some love in the comments!

As always, Happy Scrapping!
Melly Art

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  1. I love it sooo much! I’m the recipient of the floral one and it’s stunning!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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