A Layout of My Granddaughter and her Great Grandmother

Good morning crafters, Penny here today to show you how I made this layout featuring my granddaughter and her great grandmother. This layout features Glittered Gold Cardstock from Cut Cardstock Store. It is what really makes these layout elements stand out. The shine on the glitter is amazing!

The CutCardStock Store has a huge assortment of cardstock, envelopes, vellum, and other products to take care of all of your crafting or printing needs, so have fun exploring their website.

Sample photo of both the Silver and Gold Glittered Cardstock

I started my layout by cutting my Glittered Gold Cardstock into a frame shape with my paper trimmer. Once you do this a couple of times you’ll never buy another pre-cut frame again.

Gold Frame Cut Out With A Paper Trimmer

Then, I added my photo to the frame and added foam tape to the back of the photo so that it would be higher than the other page elements.

My Granddaughter Madison, and My Mom

Next, I chose my pattern paper for this layout. I wanted a simple pattern that included some gold accents. So this was my choice.

Next I cut a strip of coordinating pattern paper in order to build layers on my grandmother scrapbook layout.

Two layers so far!

On top of those I added the first strip of the Glittered Gold Cardstock.

Simple and Easy!

Next came another pattern paper choice. When mixing pattern paper try to mix a large print with both a small print, and a medium print, adding solids as necessary to break up the background.

All 3 patterns have now been added.

I seriously recommend that you don’t glue any of these items down till you are happy with the combinations of colors, patterns and sizes to match your photo. Next I glued a ribbon in place.

Now it was time to add my photo. I loved this photo of these two together.

Photo with foam backing added.

Then I started on my other page embellishments. First came the title mounted first on some foam tape, and then on matching pattern paper. After that, I mounted them onto a block of the Glittered Gold Cardstock. Just that little bit of gold makes the lettering on the title really stand out.

Title added onto the Glittered Gold Cardstock

From there I moved on to the bottom accent also mounted onto the Glittered Gold Cardstock. I loved this bottom accent piece since they were both laughing in this photo.

Laugh often good advice for everyone!

Next, I added my small journaling card filled in with the Gold Pen. I was surprised by how well it wrote. I have purchased gold pens before from other companies, and have been disappointed. So I was thrilled that wasn’t the case this time. I also added a matching bow, flower, and some strips of self-adhesive gold bling.

The flower was just a simple silk flower I glued in place after trimming the back down.

It’s during this time that I like to add brads to my layouts. I love how they hold your accents in place FOREVER and give your layouts little touches of fun.

Sometimes it can be hard to punch through several layers of paper, or ribbon. So I figured out a little trick to make it easier. I use my vinyl “picker” tool to punch a hole into my paper where I want to place my brads. It works beautifully! Just make sure you have a piece of cork, mat, or cardboard under it so that it doesn’t damage your desk or damage the tip of your tool.

Hold punched in my paper reading for my brad.

So if you look closely you can see I’ve added both gold and pink brads to my layout.

Another look at my finished layout. I angled this photo slightly so that you could see the gold images without the light glare from my camera.

I hope you stop by again to the Cut Cardstock Store and blog to see the other fun things our designers come up with every month. Till then “Happy Scrapping” Love Penny