Journaling New Year’s Goals

At the start of every new year, I come up with a Word of the Year. This year, I’m feeling a little ambitious and setting some goals too. Truthfully, I’m writing down these goals because Lord knows I will forget them next month. Plus, I like the idea of doing a few things for myself throughout the year since I usually put my needs/wants last.

Do you have some goals for 2020? How about using this journal prompt and layout to list them? It’s super easy to create and a pretty pop of color in your journal! Follow along below for a step-by-step tutorial that uses the Silhouette CAMEO cutting machine!

First, measure your journal page to determine the dimensions of your base piece. Then, cut the base piece using your die cutting machine, paper slicer, or scissors from a sheet of the Soft Yellow Discount Card Stock.

Next, resize this simple sunshine cut file to be slightly larger than your journal page and send it to Silhouette to cut from a sheet of Astrobright Card Stock in Solar Yellow.

To create more dimension on the journaling layout, add a top layer using the same Solar Yellow Astrobright Card Stock. First, draw a circle that is slightly smaller than the semi-circle and send to Silhouette to cut. See the purple circle in the screenshot below.

For the sun’s rays’ top layer, set a 0.1-inch internal offset of the sunshine cut file and send it to Silhouette to cut. For reference, in the screenshot below, the journal page is the grey rectangle. The sunshine cut file is shown in yellow, and the internal offset cut line is in red.

Now it’s time to assemble! Glue the base piece to the journal using Tombow Mono Liquid Glue. Then, trim excess using scissors so that the base piece is flush with the journal page. This may also include page corners depending on your journal page.

Then, glue the first sunshine die cut on top of the base piece and again trim off any excess. Before gluing the internal offset piece, place it in place, and sketch a line where to cut with scissors.

Once lines are sketched, cut with scissors, glue, and cut off excess.

The last piece to glue is the circle diecut. Place it in place and with a pencil, lightly draw a line, and cut along that line. Glue the cut semi-circle and voila…you’re done with your layout!

Now it’s time to jot down your goals and get to making 2020 your best year yet! I’d love to know your New Year goals, please share below with a comment!

Christine (@studio_xtine)

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