Hot Glue Stencils

Let’s make some crazy stencils today! I want to share a technique with you that is fun and easy – even though it may seem hard at first! I have written directions to follow, and there are several videos out in YouTube land as well. I call it Hot Glue Stencils – nothing fancy, just what it sounds like! All you need is hot glue, ink, and some creativity! Easy to do, easy to fix mistakes, and LOTS of possibilities. 

I made hearts for my stencil sample, and made circles for another (not posted), but you could make clouds or water, or scenery, or other shapes, or anything! I used sprays, but you could also watercolor around your stencil, or sponge or paint.

1. Plug in your glue gun and have several short refills or one long glue stick ready. It is better to use more than less!

2. On your silicone mat (or wax paper) draw shapes or a scene with your glue. Try to have the glue touch and connect in many places, so your stencil has some stability.

You will see in the photo that I made a mess of the lower left heart. I just let it dry and peeled off that part, and started over with that section. Easy to fix!

3. When dry, pick up your stencil carefully. If it tears, go back to #2 and fix! I picked off many of the little glue “threads.”

4. Lay your glue stencil on cardstock or watercolor paper.

My sample uses Basis White 110#, as it is heavier cardstock for my sprays. I also used watercolor paper to play with on a different card, spraying with water before and after I sprayed with color. 

5. Spray, sponge, or paint your color on top of the stencil.

6. Let dry, and remove the stencil, washing it with clear, cool water for another use. Time to design your card! I had no idea what I was going to do until I was done with the stencil. Have fun!

And here is the final project:

My dog is stamped, embossed with clear embossing powder, and popped up. The arrow is a purchased chipboard heart, and the doily is adhesive backed and also purchased. I pierced the four corners for interest. 

The card base is Basis Black, Magenta, and Orange. This is a perfect card for a dog lover!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will give this a try.

~Judy (@joy_in_a_jar on IG)

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