A is for Apple–Stitching Together Three Sections of Paper for a Handbound Book

Are you ready for back to school? I love back to school time, all the fun supplies still make me happy, and this year I’m making an ABC Primer for my grandchildren.  The oldest is only 7 months, but he already loves to look at books, and what better way to learn your abcs than snuggled up with grandma?  ALL of the white and shades of white (cream, ivory, eggshell, etc.) paper are on sale this month at CutCardStock;  I used a nice medium weight white for the pages of this book.

This is basically a use-what-you have, step-by-step introduction to book binding.

The plan is to have a layout for each letter of the alphabet, plus extra papers on the ends for adding a cover, so I’m using 15 pieces of medium weight white paper, plus one for a template. 

Stuff I used: 
medium weight white paper
straight edge ruler (also used as a bone folder)
awl–you can use a darning needle with the eye end stuck into cork
old magazine
waxed book thread–substitute embroidery floss or cotton crochet thread & a piece of old candle
large eyed needle

Signature here means a section of papers folded in half and stacked together

You can add or subtract signatures.

Clamp the template to the top of each signature.

Using the clothespins, clamp the template to the top of one open signature, cradling the spine in an open magazine or phone book.  Use the awl to poke holes in the fold where the template indicates.   Repeat for each section.

Cut a piece of waxed linen thread, or embroidery floss, or crochet cotton, the length of each signature’s spine plus one more length.  That’s pretty generous, but I like to have plenty of thread to work with, and plenty of room for tying knots.

Then repeat these steps for the additional signature.

Here is the first layout–A is for Apple.  Tune in August 31 for more ABC layouts, a tiny version of a similar book, and a cover adding tutorial. 

Happy Thursday!

PS–I finished B!  You can find it HERE.

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