Poppy Shadowbox

What goes better than black and red?! Other than shiny red foil and sparkly black glitter paper of course.

 Black makes a good frame for a shadowbox. So I had to use the glitter black cardstock

 To make this little shadowbox, I started with a file I had in my library.

The glitter paper cut simply well and did not snag or tear. 

 I always keep a little bowl of clips around to clip the corners on things until they dry so I can move forward with my project while the glue dries.

 I decided that the pedals of the poppy would look best in red. But not any red, I needed a shimmer red so I turned to my Rinea Foil paper.

 Just to bring some flex to the pedals, I maneuvered them around a tooth pick. There was really no art to this step, just playing around until I got the look I wanted!

Assembling the flowers was a fun part. Like a puzzle. 

 Just taking the extra time to play with the pedals gave them more of a pop.

 Next I measured the back of the shadowbox and cut the background paper to size.

 I like the red polka dots of this paper. Ties it all together.

Cut Card Stock materials used:

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