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It’s almost the end of the school year for me so I like to keep some motivational cards around to share with friends of mine that I know are struggling through the end of the semester and finals like I am!! This beautiful glitter paper and glitter cardstock were perfect to pair up for some motivational inspiration!!

I used the 74# Silver Glitter cardstock to make some strips… it hurt my heart a little bit to cut into this sheet because it was so pretty!!

Originally I wanted to pair it up with this beautiful bright yellow 65# Pop Tones Cardstock in Lemon Drop and a white base.  But after I laid it out, I decided I needed something different than white.  

I pulled another sheet of glitter paper, this time the POW Black Glitter Paper Sheet and cut a piece in A4 size. I knew almost all of the black glitter paper was going to be covered by the Lemon Drop piece, so could cut out the center of the card and save myself from using more paper.  

I flipped it over and traced out the 3×4 pocket card I wanted to use as my focus image so I could cut out a mat.

I used a ruler and my Penblade Safety Trimming Knife to cut out the mat… I just kind of eyeballed it and tried to use the marks on the ruler itself to keep the mat even.  Please don’t mind my nails. I’m overdue for a manicure, I know!! lol!

After laying it all out again, I thought that it needed a little something more in the top corner to dress it up.

So in keeping with the school theme, I thought a simple silver paperclip would do the trick, and with a little bit of ribbon, it came out great!!

I’m really happy with how this card came out!  I love that the glitter didn’t rub off or fall off the whole time I was playing with it.  I think that was one of my biggest fears to work with this paper in the first place. 

 Thanks so much for stopping by and see you soon… I’m off to play with more glitter paper!!

lovies, =o) kel

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