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Hello there! It’s Kristie Larsen here and I am sharing with you a little wedding post to get you all excited for wedding season! I have wanted to make paper flowers for a long time now and I think there is nothing more elegant than these beautiful paper roses. Now let me just preface this by saying, I trolled the internet for some paper rose patterns and they are EVERYWHERE. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel here so I searched around for one that I LOVED that I could share with you. I think this tutorial makes the mostly lovely flowers and is the most straight forward. Plus it out with just a cutting line so no matter which paper you use, you can let the color of the paper shine through. A lot of the tutorials out there will print the flowers in different colours and I didn’t want that.
I wanted to do was show you what happens when you use papers for these tutorial. THIS is the tutorial I chose from But you can also look HERE, HERE and HERE for more inspiration.

Most of these tutorials say to use type paper and is designed in a color.  Well, I don’t know about you but I LOVE the pretty shimmer papers, linen and other textured papers that carries. I don’t want to use boring ‘ol type paper and rely on the ink in my printer.

I started by printing out the PDF in ‘white’ (just the lines) and trimmed out my flowers and leaves. You will need hot glue, a bamboo skewer for rolling the leaves (I used a skinny paintbrush) and some floral wire and tape.

First I chose to use Classic Linen Cardstock, Stardream Metallic, Curious Metallic, Pop Tones card stock, and Teton Deckle Edge card stock. And let me just say, they all worked lovely! Even the really thick card stock (some of the Stardream Metallic #105) still curled without causing damage to the paper. The Curious Metallic sample pack has lots of colours but at varying poundage. So they were a bit easier to curl but I didn’t have to compromise the amazing shimmer. I wanted a very light and pastel looking bouquet with only pops of color. Thank goodness the metallic papers come in many lovely light shades!

I scored the leaves to help pinch and shape the leaves without any problem no matter the weight of the paper.

You start by rolling and gluing the single petals around the wire and then basically skewering them onto the floral wire.

Add hot glue to each layer to stick them all together being sure to rotate the petals. Some of my leaves could have used more curl, but I liked how full they ended up being. I love the leaves sticking out so slightly from the back.

I decided to use some Vellum to cut this leaf flourish. I added about 7 to the bouquet to give it a softer “baby’s breath” feel. 
You can see them sticking out a bit from all around the bouquet. The trickiest part was putting it all together. It’s important to wrap the wire with some floral tape. This will make the stems much thicker and easier to hold on to. I wrapped the wire bunch with some tissue paper and then using double sided tape I wrapped the handle with some beautiful ribbon.  I tied a big bow on the handle too and left really long tails.
You could use this for the bride or I think it would also be a fun centerpiece or accent to the gift table or registry table! 

I just laid my bouquet into a water pitcher, and voila… isn’t it beautiful?! I am so please with how it turned out. I really love the pops of pink colours and also the varying look of each rose since I used so many different colours of paper.

When I put the bouquet together I wanted the flowers to be cascading down the front a bit. So the kind of comes to a point to cover your hands as you hold it so it has a more oblong shape on one side..
And that’s it! It’s so much fun to make your own flowers! Check around and see how many different styles of flowers there are that you can make all with the variety of papers in the store. AND papers went through my printer effortlessly. No paper jams! (which I have struggled with using other papers.)
Thanks for joining me today. Be sure to check out over on Instagram, for lots of fun inspiration!

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