A Peeky Easter Egg with Smoosh Roses

It’s finally spring, and we’re deep into Easter here at the CutCardStock blog.  One of my favorite Easter projects is making Peeky Eggs–like the hollow sugar or chocolate eggs, only fewer calories.  This one I’ve embellished with lots of Smoosh Roses, and since they were made with Curious Metallic Cardstock, they all have a pretty shimmer to them:

Here’s how to make your own Super Simple Smooshes:  Get a small bowl of warm water, some Tacky Glue or Tombow Multi-Purpose Glue, cardstock for a base (I usually use the same color as the rose paper, but for demonstration purposes, this time it’s blue), and strips of Curious Metallic Cardstock cut into various sizes.  Mine are all different lengths, and no bigger than 1/2 in wide.  You can make these roses any size you want. 

Squirt some puddles of glue onto the base cardstock–your roses will end up in these puddles.  Don’t worry, the glue won’t have time to dry out, and you won’t want to pause your rosing to squirt more.

Moisten a strip of cardstock in the bowl of warm water.  Generally just passing the strip through the water once or twice is plenty, no need to soak it.  Squeegy off the excess water by pulling the paper strip between your fingers.

 Fold the strip in half lengthwise.

Fold over one corner of the strip as pictured above, and then from that fold, start rolling up a rose shape.  The paper will be pliable from the water, and when you’ve finished rolling, smoosh the base of the flower into a puddle of waiting glue.

All the puddles of glue filled with flowers!

This goes really quickly, and you’ll have those puddles of glue filled with flowers in no time.  Keep an eye on them while you work;  occasionally one will begin to uncurl, and you’ll need to smoosh it back into shape before it dries.

I couldn’t resist spritzing these with ink.  After they dry, use scissors to cut around your roses, and they’re ready to go.  Not quite happy with the shape of one or two of them?  You guessed it–smoosh them some more!

Smoosh Roses and pearls–perfect for this little Easter girl

The Curious Metallics Cardstock comes in lots of luscious colors, and (this part makes me really happy) there are metallic ENVELOPES, too!  


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