Are you ready for spring?  Every year, about the middle of February, I am mentally finished with dreary gray days, and ready to fill my eyes with brightness and color.  We have an old window frame, which gets an occasional update for seasons and holidays, and it was definitely ready for a spring makeover.

You probably can’t tell by this photo, but the letters are all iridescent and shiny, depending on where you stand, thanks to some gorgeous CutCardStock Curious Metallic Card Stock

Here’s the story.

I stripped the window of its previous trimmings, leaving, well, a plain window frame.

This frame already has a wire hanger on the back, and I don’t want the wall to show through the glass. So, I cut some white paper to fit behind the panes, and collaged dictionary page papers to cover the plain paper squares–super easy, just random gluing.
Next came the SPRING letters, cut with a Cricut from various neutrals in the Curious Metallics line.  Just look how shiny! 

Here’s my favorite part of the story–at this point, I decide I want the letters to have variegated coloring.  But will the metallic shine show through?  After a little experimenting, it turns out the answer is a resounding YES! 

So, a little spritzing of spray inks and misting of water, 

a few flecks of my favorite gold paint,

some stamping,

and several colors of crayon around the edges later, you can see the glimmer of the metallic–again, depending on your angle–with the opaque flecks of gold and stamping and crayon seeming to float on top of the iridescent finish:

See?  Different angles, different lighting = a change in shine!
The letters are on top of the panes, the papers behind.
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A very Happy (and shiny) Almost Spring to you!

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